34 | Chapter Thirty Four

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Connors body was writhing in pain. The intensity that solar power had done to him made each step he took feel as if he were walking on broken shards of glass. His bones and muscles ached and his magic was next to none. When air passed through his lungs it made him feel like the oxygen circulating them was like poison.

But as he ran down the corridors toward the infirmary, the pain that ravaged Connors body did not matter.

Macey was finally awake.

Connor crashed through the doors like a raging bull, making nearby students look at him with a questionable gaze.

"Macey," Connor quietly muttered as he began to walk towards the group of people that were huddled around her bed.

He caught a glimpse of Professor Lumino who had this large grin stretching from ear to ear and he also saw Professor Del with her hands clasped together looking rather pleased with herself.

"I'm so glad you're awake Mace."

Connor heard Shaz like a siren, her voice sounding chirpier than it ever has this past month. He also heard Logan's cunning laughter and him beginning to bellow, "you've got a ton of training to catch up on Princess. I'm not going easy on you cos you were in a coma either."

"Bite me, you British prick."

It was like hearing a beautiful song, one muffled by cookies in her cheeks like a squirrel. Connor felt himself smiling at Macey, who had a frown upon her face and bandages wrapped around her waist. The sun shining through the nearby window made her eyes look like swirls of gold and her hair, although it looked like a mess, it was a Macey staple — wild and unruly ... like herself.

He shuffled past Del who returned to other injured students and also Gilden, standing by Shaz and capturing Macey's attention instantly.

Macey's eyes widened and she smiled and said, "about time nerd. Isn't like you to be the last person to arrive at something so damn important."

Just hearing her, injury and all, call Connor a nerd made his heart skip a beat. Just standing there, it made him feel as if the only people in the room was himself and Macey. He could stare at her forever, but all he did was snicker silently, saying...

"You're a headache."

Connor shook his head at the sarcastic moon mage, making Macey let out a slow lingering laugh before he asked, "so how are you feeling?"

He wanted to know how she was doing mentally. Connor was thrilled that Macey was awake, but he couldn't help but imagine the last moment he had with her and how Shaz spoke about how unstable she could be at times. He sat down next to Shaz who looked at Connor with a warm smile and prying eyes before returning his attention at Macey.

All she did was shrug before saying, "I've got the dry horrors, these cookies you bought were made with no love and I'm feeling peckish for something covered in gravy and cheese. So — I'm doing well for someone who just got stabbed."

Connor rolled his eyes. It was a typical Macey answer which made Gilden, who was right behind him, snicker out loud. He shook his head then said, "you really are your father's daughter."

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