41 | Chapter Forty One

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His touch.
|| Optional chapter ||

A very erotic chapter, pure character development. If you just want to push forward with the plot then you can skip this entire chapter, because it's basically Connor and Macey doing naked yoga 😂

I wasn't going to add this into the main series. But with the chemistry these two adults have for one another I thought — these two gotta bang it out 😂👏🏼

Enjoy ❤️


Clouds began to form in the calm obsidian sky. It hid away the stars that had seemed brighter than any other night and filtered the moonlight, only hitting certain things before Macey's eyes — with Connor being one of them.

Her heart excelled against her chest, and her skin began to feel clammy. The subtle breeze made Macey shiver for a moment, to which Connor noticed instantly.

"You okay?" he asked, furrowing his brow, stroking his thumb along her knuckles.

Macey couldn't help but blush, staring down at their hands intertwined with one another. A shy smile played across her face as she said, "I'm more than fine."

Although her pulse felt like it was about to explode and butterflies ravaged the pits of her stomach, Macey felt like she was on cloud nine. She then pulled Connor by his waist, nuzzling her face into the depths of his chest. A warmth so pure surrounded her entire body, as she felt him drape his arm across her shoulders with a snicker lingering in his ear.

Against the cobblestone footpath, Macey could hear her heels echoing in the dead of night, reverberating off the dorm walls they were nearing. A lingering gaze raked across Connor, with her mind wandering in an entanglement of curiosity and a hint of doubt.

Many females were fascinated by the very thought of being with a Heslington. They would speak about their charm, dashing good looks and — the most famous — leaving a great impression during slumber by their 'serpents bite', which was Paladin code for how good they were in bed.

Macey could recall hearing tales such as their ability to have ones hexes realigned and that she would gain a more ravenous flame when summoning fire magic. She couldn't help but press her lips, scowling at more facts that seemed not only false, but somehow dangerous for her physical health.

"What's wrong?" asked Connor, making Macey wide eyed from his question.

For a while, she had been feeling a little nervous. This wasn't Macey's first time with a man, but it had been a while since she slept with one. But rather than tell Connor that there was some uncertainty inside her, all she said was, "nothings wrong, I'm completely fine. And you?"

He laughed silently and replied, "I'm more than fine."

Connor raised her hand to his lips and glided them along her knuckles. A murmur echoed in Macey's heart, stopping it for a mere second before it began beating again. Goosebumps formed along her skin, becoming enticed by the pools of lust that seeped from Connors eyes.

Biting her inner lip, Macey then rested her head upon his forehead. She could have sworn that the furious thudding of her heart was echoing around them, being louder than any roar of a beast she had ever heard. She then nuzzled at his nose, prompting Connor to cup her face with his free hand.

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