Chapter 6

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"What are you doing?" I whispered. 

"What mates do." 

And just like that, his lips were on mine. This time, I couldn't resist. 

I kissed him back with just as much fierceness, passion, and what I like to call love. 

Though I doubt that's what it was for Hunter. 

Kissing until we were breathless, neither of us wanted to stop. 

And so we didn't.

The both of us too caught up in the moment, we didn't realize there was a new presence in the room until it was too late.

"Hunter!" The voice screamed out.

*        *        *

 ~But if you loved me                                                                                                                 

   Why'd you leave me?

Chapter 6

"Hunter!" The voice screamed out.

"E-Emily?" Hunter pushed me away, and stood eyes wide. 

So this was the infamous Emily. Her strawberry blonde hair suited her well, neatly hanging in open curls past her shoulder. Her blue eyes shined despite the lack of light in the room. 

She was beautiful, no wonder Hunter chose her instead of me. 

Just the thought of the two together made me nauseous. 

Emily didn't reply. She didn't even react. 

Her lips were tight together, her face expressionless.

Hunter said no more, but looking at his face I saw regret. 

He regrets being with his mate.

Emily walked out. 

Hunter ran after her.

And I just stood there; feeling empty. 

I hate this. I hate the feeling of being ignored. Of being put last.

I hate Hunter for rejecting me, then acting like he wants me just to regret it. 

I hate Greg for being all moody. One minute he's nice, and the next he's a jerk!

 I hate Emily for being so perfect. 

But most of all, I hate myself. For letting this happen. 

I should have stopped Hunter from kissing me.

I should have never felt anything for Greg- even if it was just friendship. 

I shouldn't let Emily affect me.

And I won't. 

From now on, this is all over. 

Taking out my phone, I dialed my moms number. 

With my luck, I reached her voice mail. 

I then dialed Jake's number. I still found his name so foreign with out the title 'Alpha' before it. 

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