Chapter 1

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Warning: This book has not been edited yet. There are many errors.  Enjoy anyways! :) 

'The greatest battle is to battle your own soul, to fight the evil within yourself.'

Chapter 1

Scanning through the rows of students, I couldn't find not one empty seat. After making awkward eye-contact with many of the students, I look down at the floor instead.

"Rosalyn Edwards, am I right?" I tilt my head down as a nod towards my new English teacher.

I never did like first days, especially not when it's your first day at a new school, and a new pack. 

My mother dragged both my sister and I with her to this new pack. 

She excused it as a chance to start fresh, although I didn't mind our old pack. The only one who needed a fresh break is my mother.

After all her mate, my father, had died. 

 I wanted to be angry at her for making us leave our lives and start a new one, but I just couldn't. I was never too close with my father. He never cared much for children, at least not his own. The only reason I exists is  because my mother always wanted a daughter.

Although I still loved him; he was after all my dad. 

"Would you like to say something about yourself?" The teacher asks politely. 

Despite the urge to answer negatively, I smile and nod. 

"Well, my name is Rosalyn but I prefer Rose. I moved here from Canada and I'm a werewolf."

 I heard some boy's snicker at my last comment.

 "Obviously," he comments.

 Ignoring him, I look down shyly. It wasn't a secret that I was a werewolf considering this school is accept only wolves. 

 "Go take a seat Rosalyn,"My teacher, Mr. Rogers said.

 "It's Rose." I mumble quietly. Looking back at the class, I was stuck with the same problem. There are no empty seats left.

My peers stared at me like I was a freak with 3 eyes and 7 legs. 

"You can sit here with me, baby." A boy in the fourth row said. He was pointing to his lap, and I almost shivered with distaste. 

And we wonder why our generation is so messed up.  

I ignore his offer and instead take a strain chair from the back and just sat desk-less.

 "Playing hard to get, I like it." Again, I ignored his comment.

Hating someone on the first day, classy. 

 The class was boring as Mr. Roger spent more time explaining how to insert quotations than necessary. Five minutes before the end of the class, Mr. Rogers came up to me and apologized for the lack of desks. He also promised me a seat with a desk for tomorrow. 

 As soon as the bell rang, I didn't move an inch. Everyone rushed out bumping and bouncing into each other. When the coast was finally clear, I made my way out.

 I never even had the chance to make a friend. 

 Looking at my schedule, I found I had math next. Turning my schedule around, I found a map to the school on the back. Well that's convenient.

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