Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

~ 'Everything's gonna be alright' She whispers to herself

Why is it, that as each day passes, you're the same person you were yesterday. Yet, I can't even recognize who I was a year ago.

A year ago, I wouldn't have known about Hunter.

Or about Greg. Or Liv, or Tom and Jason. My mother would have never met Jake, but then again she wouldn't have needed too. 

My dad was still alive then. 

Just a year ago I thought I had my whole life planned. Do good in high school, go to a top university, get a good job. Mate or not, I wanted my own place out in the city, close to school and not too far from home. 

I had a best friend. 

I had good grades. 

I had a big house. 

I had a family. 

I don't want to sound ungrateful, I mean, I've made friends. I may have not seen Liv, Tom and Jason for a week, but I like to think that they're still there for me. 

I've also missed too many days at school but I'm trying to change that.

I may not have a big house, but I don't need one. It would just be creepy to have three people living in this giant house. Plus, that's a lot of cleaning.

I'm happy and very fortunate to have a mother who cares so much that will work all day and night just to put food on the table for us. I'm happy- most of the time- to have a little sister that I can tease but also depend on. 

And as hard as it is to say, I'm happy to have had such a great father. One that always put his family above all else. One who always bought gifts for our birthdays, and was actually home for dinner. 

Some people don't get that, not even once. I'm lucky I got that for eighteen years. 

"Is she awake?" 

The voice startled me from my thoughts, but I layed still, pressed tightly against the floor. 

I didn't know much about where I am, but one things for sure, I'm in the packs jail. 

"She's been laying like that for the past three hours." A voice replied to the first. 

I very distantly recognized the first voice as Hunter's beta. Beta Jaxon. 

"Wake her." Jaxon demanded. His voice, however, was weak. 

"Are you sure?" 

"Alpha's orders" Jaxon stated, this time much stronger. 

My eyes flew wide open at his words. 

"Guess she was awake." 

Staring at the man who spoke, I know I've never met him. 

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