Sequel + Contest (CLOSED)

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Good news everyone! After realizing that I left many questions unanswered, I've decided to write a sequel.

I haven't started writing yet but I've got the plot planned. BUT- I need your help!

I can't think of any good titles yet for the actual book so if you guys have any suggestions please comment them. If I end up choosing yours, I will credit the first chapter to you AND add a character in the book with your name or a name of your choice :)

Here's the Summery of Mated to my Doom's Sequel: [ Copy Righted of course :) ]

Rosalyn Edwards and Hunter Rivered finally plan to have their happy ever after, yet soon realize it's easier said than done.

After recognizing that their ability to have a second mate connects them to a line of Royalty, Hunter believes it's best for everyone if they act normal, like nothing's changed.

Normal. Something Rose is anything but.

Just one week into College and Rose already has two new friends acting suspicious, nearby villages being destroyed to dust, and the rumors of Royalty uprising.

All wolves have an obligation to protect and listen to their Royals. All wolves but the enemies, and Hunter sure have a lot of those.

Read on to find out if Rosalyn Edwards and Hunter Rivered will finally get their Happy ever after.

As to when I'll start writing, I have no idea but I won't let you guys wait too long!

ALSO, I've just posted the first chapter to my new book, 'CAGED'! I would love it if you guys could check it out :)

Thanks for all your inspirational comments, motivational votes and your aspirational selves.

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