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Dedicated to netflixandme for the amazing cover! :) 


Am I making a sequel?

Honestly, I don't plan on it. If I do, I think I would do a spin off on like Sophia but it would be a different plot. And that's a maybe because I'm putting a break on writing werewolves for now.

Am I making another book aside from a sequel?

Yes! I'm so excited for this book as well! It's a new plot that I don't think has ever been done so I'm, excited. It's called 'CAGED'. The book is up with the description if you want to check it out! Also, It'll have it's twists and turns so I really hope everyone will give it a chance when the first chapter is released :)

Will I be updating Masked?

I feel really guilty about this because I know I should but the answer is no. I'm sorry! I just don't have the mind set to write that story yet.

Why did Hunter treat Rose poorly when he knew she was his mate in the beginning?

Well, simply because Hunter is- or was- not a nice guy. He killed people, he was ruthless, so he didn't really care about a mate. I know I didn't show much of Hunter's ruthless side but I didn't want you guys to hate him.

That was pretty  much it for questions :) 

Now I have a question for you guys! Would you guys like just a random chapter of like the future? Kind of like a one shot I guess. 

Any Takers? If yes, any suggestions? 

Unless... You guys want an Epilogue?

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