Chapter 21

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You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. 

Which do you choose? 

Chapter 9 + 10 

"Why am I up so early?" 

"You missed the pack meeting."

"Why the hell was there a pack meeting at 5 in the morning, anyways! I'm a werewolf, not a vampire. I need sleep." 

"If you don't wake up right now, I swear to god I'll-" 

"You'll what?" At the sudden mention of a threat, I spring up from my bed.

"Doesn't matter, you're up." A smirk formed on Hunter's full lips, his eyes staring down on mine. 

Truthfully, I didn't want to hear the end of that threat. I know Hunter's on this pledge to being a better mate, but when he wants something done, there is nothing that can stand in his way.

"Now get dressed, I need to tell you something important."

"What, are you pregnant?" I laugh at the horrid expression on Hunter's face.

"I'm a man. I didn't expect for you to listen in class, but it's basic knowledge that men don't get pregnant." 

I would say it's odd to see a person go from humor to serious so fast, but this is Hunter we're talking about. His emotions are worse than a females when their on their period. One second he's laughing and having a good time, the next, he's staring at you with those cold eyes and a knife in his hand.

Well.. not literally a knife, but his hands are just at slick. 

"Relax, it was a joke. I forgot you had alexithymia."  I brush past Hunter to my bathroom. 

"I don't have- Right." Hunter's words dropped from his mouth when he saw the amusement on my face.

"Just meet me downstairs in a minutes. Or make that two, make sure to brush your teeth." 

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean?" My question was heard on deaf ears as Hunter was already half way down the stairs. Although, he still technically heard me. 

In records time, I washed my face and brushed my teeth. Rather than changing my whole clothes, I throw on a sweater over my t-shirt, and keep wearing my pajama pants.

Before I even entered the family room, Hunter's voice called out, "I thought I told you to get changed." 

"I am." 

"Oh for the love of god, your covered in antlers." 

Staring down at my pajama bottoms covered with mooses, I guess he had a point. 

"I'm from Canada, we... like animals." 

"That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard." 

"Really? Have you even heard yourself speak?" Hunter gives me a mock smile before carrying two mugs over towards the table.

"Oh thanks," He hands me one of the mugs.

"It's tea." 

After taking a sip, I break the silence.

" So, what's so important that you dragged the whole pack out of their beds?" I joke. 

Hunter didn't find it amusing, rather his expression was focused down to the floor. 

"What happened?" I ask more alarmed. 

"It's getting worse. There was two more found dead this morning." 

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