Chapter 3

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~We are all playing the same game, just different levels. We are all dealing with the same hell; just different devils


Chapter Three

A nightmare. This was all just one big, stupid nightmare.

It had to be. 

I wanted to wake up, I needed to, but it wasn't that easy. 

My eyes were sealed shut. My body layed limp, but my ears were wide open. 

I could hear everything, or well nothing, since the room was at a silent.

"So what's the plan?" 

An unfamiliar voice cut the silence. I almost shivered at the sound, was there someone here the whole time?

"I- I don't know man." I could have sworn that the second voice belonged to Hunter. Yet, the voice was so soft, so... broken. It couldn't have been Hunter. 

"She's our Luna." 

Were they talking about me? Was Hunter going to accept me as his mate? Wait! I don't want to be his mate! Or a Luna! 

Though my thoughts said one thing, my heart said another.

Or should I say, my wolf.

"Emily can be the Luna." 

I choked. Literally. 

From the harsh meaning from that one simple sentence, I couldn't breathe. 

I knew it was Hunter talking, and that he has another Luna in mind.

I finally opened my eyes, nearly squinting from the bright room. It was a simple room with white walls and a wooden bed that I was now on. 

Directly in front of me were two men. 

Hunter, and another who seemed almost as powerful as Hunter. The Beta. 

"How much did you hear?" Hunters dark tone brought me back to reality. 

I was just choking for air and he's just yelling at me!

"I heard enough and I remember everything." He had forcefully marked me. 

"Good. So now I won't need to repeat myself." Alpha Hunter held no sympathy in his words, not even for his mate. 

"You will not be the Luna, you are far too weak." 

"Yah, well sorry I'm not big and scary like you!"

Oh crap. I said that out loud. 

"What did you just say?" Hunter growled out.

"N-N-Nothing." I pathetically stuttered. 

Way to hold your ground, Rose. *Que the sarcasm*

"Nothing what?"

"I said nothing, Alpha Hunter." 

Hunters expression didn't change but he did become calmer. 

"You make her call you Alpha?" The beta spoke up.

"I mean, I don't even call you that."

Hunter turned towards his beta. " Well, you are my beta, you hold power. Why would a weak pup have permission to act with power?"

The beta was silent, and Hunter didn't mind.

So that's what I was to him. A weak pup. 

Part of my mind was angry at his words, hating him even more. However, the other part saw truth in them. I couldn't be the Luna because I was weak. I would only bring everyone down. 

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