Chapter 13

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This chapter.. let's just say, you're in for something big! ;) 

Fun fact about me: In drama, everyone got a mock award, and I got the Tranquility award because I was always so calm in even the most chaotic moments in class.

 -You're not scared of the dark, you're scared of whats in it

Chapter 13

"Greg? Greg? Where are you Greg!" My patience was running low. 

Greg's direction was to the middle of no where which is also known as- the woods. 

As a wolf, the woods don't often bother me, but this is new territory. I've never ran through these paths and neither has my wolf. I felt vulnerable because of my uncertainty of my location. 

If someone was chasing me, would I go left or right? Straight or back? 

Lets face it, what ever path I choose I'll end up tripping and falling over absolutely nothing, then being to lazy to get up which would result in my tragic yet not-so-tragic death. 

Isn't that what happens in all those cliche horror films? 

I attempt to rid myself of the odious thoughts clouding my mind.

I go back to calling Greg's name.

 "Greg! Pfft Greg! If you don't come out till I count to 3, then I'm leaving." 

It was a lame attempt, but it seemed to have worked on Soph when she was younger.





"2 and a half...." 

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. 

"3! Ugg damn you Greg! Do you know what time it is? I'm am loosing my valuable sleep just to be here and you're not even here!" 

Nothing but the sound of crickets could be heard. 

I get a brilliant idea to call his phone. 

As I press call, a distant right can be heard meters away. 

"Greg?" I walk deeper into the forest. 

"Greg is that you?" 

I see his phone flashing bright mixed between leaves, then many feet to the left, lay his body. 

His heart still beating, his stomach peacefully rising every time he took a breath. 

"Greg!" I shout loudly, then poke him with a stick. 

"Hmm, huh! Rose!" Greg goes from confusion to relief as he grips me in a tight embrace. 

"Oh thank god. I didn't think I'd be able to see you ever again." 

"What are you talking about? And why were you sleeping in the middle of the forest?" My voice is nice and loud, sounding like a lawn mower under the tranquility. 

"Rose, I missed you so much!" 

"Yes, I can clearly tell as you fell asleep while waiting for me." A sheepish look passed through Greg's face. 

"Rose, something bad happened."

"To who?" 

"To me." 

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