Chapter 27

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Answer to the riddle: Nothing.

That's the thing about pain it demands to be felt.

Chapter 27

Wanting to think of anything else, I bring up another question. 

"Can I train with the rest of the pack?"

 A frown imprints on my face at his short and curt reply. 


"Because you're a girl." Just as I was swallowing a sip of my coffee, I almost spat it out. 

Jason started laughing while handing me some napkins. 

"It's not funny!" I grab the napkins harshly from his hands and start drying my lips. 

"I was kidding," he finally get out. 

When he notices I'm not comprehending, he goes on, "about you not being able to train because you're a girl."

"Oh, so I can train?" I reassure.

"No," he says again. 

"But you just said-"

"You can't train, but other females can." 

Frowning once more, I reply, "Why not?"

"Because you're Luna."

"Am not." I say stubbornly.

"Are too." 

"Am not!

"Are too!" 

"Am not!"

"Am not!" A smirk formed on my lips. 

"Ha, you agreed." 

"I was attempting to use reverse psychology." 

"Well, you failed. Now, why aren't I allowed to train?" 

Sighing, he pushes his empty cup away. 

"Rose, whether you like it or not, you're Alpha Hunter's mate. You are- or at least- will be the Luna of our pack. Luna's don't train because they'll never fight." 

"Why can't I fight?" 

"Because the Alpha would never let his mate get hurt." 

"I won't get hurt if I train." I say determinedly. 

"The Alpha would never take that chance. Plus, if you were to fight, you would be the enemies biggest target. Everyone knows the biggest way to get to the Alpha is to harm their mate." I took in Greg's words, and understood them. 

But that didn't mean it was fair. 

"That could go both way. I'd be worried if Hunter got hurt." If I was in charge of a pack, should I be able to fight for them? 

"Rose..." He groans out my name. "Those are the rules, okay? There's nothing we can do about it." 

"If it makes you feel any better, mothers can't fight either?" 

"Why not?" I ask defenselessly. 

He smiles at my persistence. 

"They have their own tasks if a war breaks out." Looking at my reaction, he carries on, "For example, they are in charged of gathering all the pups and taking them to rescue." 

Taking out his phone, he checks the time before resting his eyes back on me. 

"Can I ask you something?" He says randomly. 

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