Chapter 26

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 In honor of Zayn Malik- Little things 

It's okay not to be okay

Chapter 26

The kiss was everything. 

Lustful, passionate, hot, desirous. 

My back arched as Hunters firm hands grabbed onto my waist. I felt the sparks and they were everywhere. 

Hunter jolted me up, making me wrap my legs around him to keep from falling. 

I didn't stop to think, or to allow my mind to process. 

I didn't even acknowledge the tense presence in the background until he made a noise. 


I pulled myself back from Hunter, seeing Jaxon stand by the door looking all uncomfortable. 

Hunter didn't stop like I expected. Instead, he started placing kissed down my neck. 

"Hunter!' I whisper-yell. 

Hunter's eyes met mine, he was battling for control. 

Jaxon took a step froward, catching Hunter's attentions at last. Letting me go, I stand slightly behind Hunter, but with a visible sight of Jaxon. 

"I-If you want everything sorted out before nightfall, we shouldn't waste any time." Jaxon's eyes castes towards mine once before looking permanently at the floor.

"Very well, gather all the stuff, I'll be out in a second." 

Just when I thought it couldn't be more awkward, Jaxon pauses before leaving.

"Oh and use protection. I'm not ready to be a god father." 

A gasp left my lips at Jaxon's boldness as a chuckle escaped from Hunter. 

"You're not the going to be the god father!" Hunter replied amusingly. 

"And there's not going to be a baby," I mutter quietly. At least not yet. 

Hunter gave me an annoyed look before following behind Jaxon. 

"Wait, Hunter I need to tell you something." 

He brought all his attention to me, making me feel nervous. 

"Yesterday, on my way out. The old lady-" 

"We already wen't through this." Hunter interrupted. 

"No, not that. On my way out another old lady told me she had a message for me."

"And you believed her? She's crazy. People are in there for a reason" He began walking.

"Yeah, well I was there once. Wrongfully, of course." That stopped him. 

"Look, that's not important right now. She said that They said, ready or not, here I come."

Hunter kept walking.

"This is serious." 

"I know." 

"Then why are you walking away?" 

"Didn't you hear the Beta? They're closer than we think. Action needs to be taken." 

We both entered the kitchen to see Jaxon with a suitcase. 

"We need to have a pack meeting. It's worse than we suspected." He spoke formally to his Beta.

"I'll set it up," Jaxon replied. 

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