Chapter 18

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It's the things we love the most, that destroy us.

Chapter 18

Unlike most mornings, I didn't wake up tired today. 

Rather then the deep desire of sleep, I'm filled with a pit of anxiety. Today is the day. The day I move in with my mate. 

My alarm, which is set for seven, wasn't even what woke me up. Perhaps that's why I'm not as tired. I absolutely hate my alarm. 

No, instead of that horrid noise, I was woken by the buzz of my phone. 

It took me a few second before my eyes finally focused on my phone screen. 

Apparently 'My strong sexy mate' is calling me. I should really change that...


"Why aren't you up?" 

"Hello Rose, so nice to talk to you on this fine morning." I bark out sarcastically.

Hunter ignores my sarcasm and repeats, "Why aren't you up?" 

"What are you talking about? I'm talking to you, so clearly I'm up." 

"Yeah, barely. I can nearly smell your bad morning breath from here." 

"Hey! That's not even possible." 

"Be ready in 20 minutes," Hunter immediately changed the subject. 

"Okay, whatever, most of my things are pact anyways." 

"That's fine." 

"Oh and-" I was about to ask Hunter whether I would have to take my bed when he hung up.

Sighing, I got up and changed into the clothes I had already set out the night before. Last night, I had finished putting all my clothes and books into boxes and even taking them to the middle floor by the door. Now all I have to do is get ready. 

By the time I was finished changing and eating breakfast, Hunter was knocking on my door.

Opening the door, I mutter, "Keep it down, will you! Soph and my mom are trying to sleep. We're not all crazy like you to wake up at 3am." 

"I don't wake up at 3am," Hunter's appearance was blank from emotion. 

"I was kidding." Hunter began picking up boxes from the floor and piling them on top of each other. 

Does this guy not have a sense of humour or something? 

"Umm are you sure you can handle all that?" Hunter lifted 4 boxes, almost blocking his vision. 

Hunter scoffs then walks out towards his car. 

"Hey, careful with those, all my books are in them." I take the last two boxes and follow him out. 

"Why did you bring so many books? I know you're a nerd, you don't have to prove it." 

I take that back. I guess he does have a sense of humor. A very, very corrupt one. 

"Oh ha-ha, so funny. Call me a nerd, I don't care. I like reading." 

"I did." 

"You did what?" Hunter looked irritated by my question.

"You told me to call you a nerd, I already had. Although you're not smart like one." Hunter puts all my boxes in the back of his car, then proceeds to the drivers seat. 

I  quickly jog to my house, close the door, then run back to his passenger side. It wasn't until we had reversed from my drive-way that the realization of him and I being alone in a car came to me. 

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