Chapter 30 ( The End)

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'What is depression like?' He whispered.

'It's like drowning. but you can see everyone else around you breathing.'

Chapter 30

One of my hands attempted to cover his wound but I knew there was no hope. The gun had the drug.

Greg's skin was almost ice cold, his veins were turning black.

Yet, he still said two more words. The last two words that would ever escape Greg's lips.

"I promise."

Everything was going far too fast. The second those words escaped his lips, he was gone.

His body cold as ice with black veins running through his skin. The drug did it's damage, the message loud and clear.

My throat clamped up and I couldn't even breath.

"H-Hunter- You- Help-S-Save-H-H-Him," I was desperate now, refusing to accept the death of Greg.

He didn't deserve it. Such an innocent soul corrupted by the cruel world. Although, no one truly is innocent.

My only sight was of Greg's motionless body. For all I know, Hunter isn't even here right now. Despite my panicked accusation, Hunter crouched down close beside me.

I had no control over my hands as I forcefully shook Greg's body.

"Wake up, wake up!" My voice came our croaky and harsh, the back of my throat throbbing in agony.

That didn't matter now. Greg, is dying. I have to save him.

I felt the grip of hands warping against mine, separating my from Greg.

"No- No. Help Greg." But Hunter did not.

Instead he had one hand on either shoulder squeezing down.

"No! No, Greg is dying, help him, help him god damn it! Why aren't you doing anything?" I screamed at Hunter, attempting to escape his grasp.

"Greg is dying," I say once more, my vulnerable state holding on to this last strand.

"Rose," Hunter said with a calm exterior, but a grimace on his face. As if he was pained. As if he was the one dying.

"It's too late, he's already dead."

I searched Hunter's ocean blue eyes for a lie. For a betrayal of his rigid words.

I guess it wouldn't have mattered anyways. The moment Greg's last word escaped from his mouth, he was gone. Dead. Deep down, I knew this for a fact.

Yet, I refuse to accept it. To accept that there was this person on earth that I knew so much about. So many useless facts, like Greg's favorite color is green, his favorite number is 18, and that he hates sushi.

But none of this matters anymore. Because he's dead. Greg is dead.

Breathing became difficult, my emotions getting the better of me.

Hunter tries to catch my attention, but gives up when I even look his way. My eyes begin scanning the room, past all the blood was another limp body.

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