Chapter 14

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I just planned how this book is going to end... This is sad. BUT don't worry!

We just started the big plot, the end isn't that close :)

So enjoy it while you can!

- We all go a little mad sometimes.

Chapter 14

"Are you seriously not going to tell him?"

"I told you the first twenty times, Soph! My answer hasn't changed."

"Don't you understand? He can help you! Aren't you scared"

I scoff. "Of course not! It's just some crazy guy who likes playing a prank."

"We both know that's not true." Soph crossed her arms, her eyes staring at my every move.

After a moment of silence passes, she says, "You're in danger. "

"If I was in Danger then I would have already gotten hurt. Who ever this person is, they don't actually want to harm me. Just scare me and even then it's not working. I am not scared, Soph."

I was lying to her. I am scared. Very scared. So scared that I didn'y get any sleep last night.

"You might not be scared, Rose, but I am. This- this person can come into our house when ever they want! They can hurt you Rose. Or me. Or mom. I'm scared!"

The words just burst from Soph's mouth, and for once I realize my mistake.

I seem to have forgotten that the letters don't just affect me, it affects Soph as well.

The image of a horrified Soph flashed before my eyes for when she had first seen the bloody heart in my hand only hours ago.

"Oh Soph," I march towards her and bring her in to a tight hug.

"I'm so sorry. I sometimes forget that the world doesn't just revolve around me. I'll tell you what, let's hang out today after school."

Her face brightened, "Sister Day?" She asked excitedly.

I couldn't help but to laugh at her exhilaration.

"Sister Day." I agree, leaving my hand out so we can shake on it.

Sister Day is basically a day where we just go out and do something fun. It's what we would say to our parents when they would let us go.

We haven't had a day like that since my before my father passed away.

"But, dad! It's sister Day! We have to go." My dad would just roll his eyes and comment something like, "Everyday is Sister Day!"

As soon as the memory popped into my head, I attempted to erase it.

Too much pain. Too many memories.

"I have to go get ready." Soph states, then leaves my room.

I as well start getting ready for school.

I put on fitted jeans and a purple sweater. It's far too cold out side for anything else. The beginning of January is always filled with cold wind and sometimes some snow.

Skipping every other step, i run down the stairs and straight to the basement.



Running down I see nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing at all.

No blankets rolling around, no dirty plates on the floor, no clothes in the corners.

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