'Mated To My Doom'- SEQUEL

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Heyooo, I'm so sorry for taking so long to choose a title. However, I just want to thank everyone who offered a suggestion, there were so many amazing ones to choose from and the decision was very hard.

After narrowing the lists down shorter and shorter, and asking nearly everyone I know on their opinions, I finally decided on a title.

And the title for Mated To My Doom's sequel is...

*Drum roll please*


A congratulations goes out to wattpader, xoDramaQueenxo for her suggestion of this title!

I understand that there were many other people who offered the same name, but it just so happens that xoDramaQueenxo was the first one.

Once again thank you so much for every person who took their time to suggest a title, I appreciate the effort. :)

Recent Questions:

When will I be updating the sequel?

I am honestly not sure, I haven't even starting writing because I've been busy with school and also my new teen fiction book, 'CAGED'. I will try to update before Halloween!

Can I make a cover?

Many people have been asking if they could make a cover and of course you can! I'm honored that you would want to spend your time and make one for my books :)

My email is " sa.jada@hotmail.com " for anyone who is interested.


I was reading people's final thoughts on the ending of Mated To My Doom and it literally brought tears to my eyes to see all the support that you guys give me. It means the world to me that you guys support my book and even myself! <3

Hope you have a fantastic day ^.^



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