Chapter 20

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Because waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought. Useless and disappointing. 

Chapter 20

It was like a scene out of any horror movie. Blood clashed on the walls in human size hand prints. 

The hall is empty, all doors locked. 

In fact, the whole school is empty. I've never heard it so quiet before. 

How can the school be 100 percent vacant? A part of me prayed that it isn't.

That perhaps there is a janitor cleaning some random classroom. At least then, someone would hear my screams. 

Everything in me was telling me to turn back, run away. But deep down I know that no matter what, family comes first. I can't risk Soph's life. Not for mine. 

I didn't think blood had a scent, but it does. Maybe not from a paper cut, but fresh blood tainted walls do give out a toxic smell. 

I wanted to badly to believe that it isn't real. It's all for show. The killer, is just a joke. 

When the double doors leading to the library approached, I stopped walking. 

I cant do it. 

But I have to. 

"For Soph," I whisper to myself, then open the door. 

I try being very gentle to not make a sound. Maybe I can use the element of surprise. 

Not much surprise when they know you're coming. 

Before entering, I braced myself for the worst. Piles of bodies, puddles of blood. But there is nothing I could have done to prepare myself for the sight in front of me. 

"Greg," I barely get his name out my mouth. 

Greg sat on his knees, his hands preoccupied my the limp female in his arms. 

Greg's startled face met mine, he looked down at the girl in his arms, then back at me. 

It looked like he was conflicted on what to do now. 

"G-Greg- You- Your killing her!" I can barely speak, I couldn't believe my eyes. 

I could tell from my position the the girl went to my school, and is now dead. There was nothing I could do.

If only I had came a few minutes earlier. 

Greg stood up, the body dropping with a thud to the floor. 

"Stop." I demand as he walks towards me. 

"Rose," He speaks so softly. 

"I can explain." 

*19 Hours Earlier* 

"We need to talk," Hunter repeated when I didn't reply. 

I finally just nod in agreement. 

"Rose, I don't know what else you want me to do! I'm trying, I'm trying really hard.To change. I'm trying to change for you." Hunter reached out and griped my hand in his.


"No, let me talk first. Don't get me wrong, I know I've made many mistakes, especially when we first met. But I am willing to change, maybe not completely, but I'll try to be a better mate." 

Hunter wasmn't finished there, he softly squeezed my hand before continuing. I was nearly distracted by the sparks tingling on my fingers. 

"That being said, I want you to be my Luna. I want us to be fully mated. I want everyone to know that you're mine, because you are. I'm not perfect, but neither are you. If we both try, I think we can do this." 

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