Chapter 24

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This was the work of me procrastinating. Enjoy!  

'Kiss me like you want to be loved'

Chapter 24

There was a damp forest smell that reached my nostrils. The deeper we walked, the worse it got. The last time I was here, it wasn't pretty memories. Aside from it being dark, it seems that my mind doesn't want to remember that day. 

There was a single road leading the jail; the rest was all forest. 

As me and Hunter walked past many cells, I subconsciously walked closer and closer towards Hunter. 

They're are some creepy people in here. One person even sneered at me. Sneered! You're a wolf, not a snake!

By this point, I am literally pushed right against Hunter, my shoulder subbing against his arms. My head barely reached his shoulders. 

As I locked up at him from the corner of my eyes, he gave me a weird look. In spite of his expression, he didn't move away from me. I could feel the warmth radiating off him. 

The building was freezing, even as a wolf, I was on the edge of shivering. I even eyed the light jacket that is worn firm on Hunter's body. 

Greg's cell was the last one. All the way in the back. Surrounded by nothing but darkness. 

"Why are the lights off?" I ask quietly to Hunter. 

Hunter ignores my question and keeps walking. Feeling frustrated by his attitude, I allow some space between us. 

Bad idea. 

As soon as I was close enough, a hand reached out between the bars and caught my leg. 

Shrieking, I see the hand first; all wrinkled and old. 

I must have said that aloud because the when my eyes reached the owner of the hands, she muttered, "I'm not old!" 

I attempted to pull my leg back but boy was that grandma strong. I expected Hunter to assist in my aid, but of course, he doesn't. 

The lady tugged my leg making me fall on my butt. It wasn't until the metallic smell of blood entered my nostrils that Hunter stepped in. 

"You freak!" I yell as I feel her nails digging into my skin. 

Within a second, Hunter pulled me to my feet and pushed me backwards making me stumble. Before the old lady could pull her hand back, Hunter had it in a locked position. One move away from snapping. 

Hunter must have unintentionally used his full strength when pushing me back as I ended up slamming my back against the cell on the other side of the thin hallway. 

Before I could refocus, an arm was wrapped around my neck cutting my air flow. I tried pulling away but that only added pressured. 

"Remember me, sweet pea?" I could recognize that voice in my dreams. And I had, in my nightmares. 

It  was one of the old ladies I had seen when I was unjustly put in one of these cells. 

"H-Hunter," By voice was all scratchy and it hurt to speak, hurt to talk. The grip was too strong. 

Hunter froze before turning to me. He stalled

"Don't think about it Mr.Alpha, I'll have your mate lifeless in a matter of second." Her words made me fight harder. It was no use. She had me right where she wanted me. 

Why are the damn spaces between the bars so big anyways? 

Hunter's leg twitched as if he was about to take a step. He wasn't looking at the lady, he was looking at me. 

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