Chapter 2

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"He does not believe that does not live according to his belief." 

        ― Sigmund Freud

Chapter Two


I don't know which one is worse. A) I passed out in a crowd full of werewolves, or B) that my mate was the reason that I fainted.

Considering my mate is Alpha Hunter, I'll go with B. 

Finding out that the man that I am destined to spend forever with is a monster, well that speaks for itself.

Do you ever have the feeling like your falling? Like you've reached the climax of a roller-coaster, waiting for the drop. And then you drop; No matter what you do, the feelings there. The push in your stomach, the pounding against your head.

I felt like I was falling, on an endless roller coaster with no ups.

When I finally woke up, fed up with the feeling, I woke inside of a car.

The sun's light shines right through the window making me blind for a couple seconds. Turning away from the sun I noticed I was placed on the passenger seat of a two seat car. It was one of those small cute cars that you swoon at when they pass on the road. 

Looking to my left, I saw a boy no older than I. He drove firmly, his attention on the streets in front. 

Everything's so confusing. Why am I in a car? Who is this guy? I certainly didn't recognize him.

His hands were fists wrapped around the steering wheel, his black hoodie tight against his arms, outlining his muscles. The sleeves of his sweater folded up showing a small tattoo of a crescent moon. 

He was a pack warrior for the Dark Moon Pack, my mates pack. My Mate.. Sounds so foreign. 

If only I knew why I was even in this car in the first place.

Suddenly uncomfortable in my position, I arched my back, stretching it. Before I could stop my self, I let out a big yawn. 

Not once did the boy look over.

"Umm excuse me?" I spoke, rather politely might I add.

He gave me no attention, just kept staring at the road. Rude much! 

"Hello?" His grip tightened, but not once did he look over. I could be dying right now and he would just keep driving!

"Will you just look at me!" I yelled. 

As soon as the last word slipped from my mouth, the car aggressively pushed to the side ten abruptly stopped all together. Not prepared for him to suddenly stop, my head was pushed to the front above to hit the window. 

A big arm reached out pulling me back just in time. Once I was back in my previous position, I noticed the boys dark eyes piercing through at me. 

If looks could kill, I'd be 6 feet and under. 

He looked so serious, that I actually wanted to laugh. 

"Do you find this funny?" His bold voice asked.

And now I'm scared...

"U-um no?" It sounded more like a question.

"Just don't talk anymore." He demanded. 

Not liking his tone, I replied back, " You're not my Alpha, I don't need to listen to you!" 

His lips then formed into a spiteful smirk.

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