Chapter 12

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*Review: Jake was the Alpha of Rose's former pack, he is now just a regular wolf.. (I know, so unfair!) And he and Rose's mother kinds had this thing.. kinda ;) *

Chapter 12


The smile on my mothers face was so big, I didn't even think she was capable of it.

"We have very big new, Rose!"

"We?" I asked confused. My mother side stepped from the door and ushered me in.

Walking in, I turned back to Greg, only to see him being pulled in my overly excited mother.

"Mom, you didn't drink three red bulls in a row again, right?" My mothers smile didn't falter one bit.

"Mom! You know you can't do too much caffeine! Didn't you learn anything from last year when you popped the neighbours plastic pool!" 

My mother's forehead creased. 

"That was one time, I learned my lesson. This is bigger! Come, come!" 

Walking further into the house, my mother directed Greg and I to my family room. 

Once there, I noticed two glasses filled with white wine, Jake standing in front of the table. Soph was standing near him, but a couple steps to the right. 

They both held happy faces. 

"Okay..What's going on?" 

"Hello, Rose," Jake greeted, with the smile still on his face. 

My mother went and stood beside him, wrapping both her hands in one of his. 

Their eyes all stared at me, their mouths wide. 

"Okay.. I know they say it's good to smile, but you three look very creepy right now." 

Jake was the first to speak. 

"Rose, a couple days ago I asked you permission to take your mother on a date.." 

"Yes, I remember." 

"Well, today I need to ask your permission for something else." 

"Alright, go ahead." 

Jake took a breath, then spoke, "Do I have your blessing to marry your mother?" 

"M-marry!" My mouth hung open, my eyes wide. 

"Mom, don't you think that's a little to fast? I mean, Jake you're a great guy, and I know my mother adores you but isn't it a little to early for marriage?" 

My mother gave me a sad look. 

"Sweety, maybe for you it's early but Jake and I aren't getting any younger. We just don't want to waste anymore time, what's the point? We both know care about each other, and love spending time together. We both know where we want to go in life. We're both happy. Together.

"But mom-" I wanted to tell her that she still has time. She can still think about it. I wanted to ask her if she thought she was ready. 

My mother saw my discomfort, and added, " Jake and I have both had a rough past, but the past is the past. We're ready to start fresh. With each other, and you guys." 

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