Chapter 9

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I'm so sick right now, I feel like my throat is on fire. BUT I also wanted to update for you guys. 


I knew there was a huge chance I wouldn't be able to update over the weekend, so I decided an early update would be better then none :) 

Never pick a fight with an ugly person, they've got nothing to lose.

-Robin Williams 

Chapter 9

"If you knew I had nothing to do with Emily then why did you send me to the pack jail?" 

Hunter's expressionless face stared into mine, he simply replied, "It seemed reasonable." 

"Reasonable! You knew damn straight that I didn't have anything to do with Emily's disappearance, yet you still blamed me. Oh, and now Jaxon and probably the whole pack thinks I'm a traitor."

For the first time since I walked into Hunter's room, he showed emotion. Anger. 

"Nothing to do with her her disappearance? Such lies! You may not have given her a one way ticket out- oh wait you did. If you hadn't ever entered my life, she would have no reason to leave. You scared her." The truth was right in front of Hunter, yet he is still to dense to see it. 

"You listen here, Hunter. Emily may have smiled at you, listened to you, and acted like a mate, but she was never your mate. I didn't scare her. You did." 

Hunter's eyes drifted from my eyes to the floor. This was the first time Hunter looked so vulnerable.. okay that might be exaggerating, but it looked like he was backing down. 

"I thought she was my mate. I felt something." His eyes met mine once again. 

Something clicked inside of me, I took the remaining steps between us and rested my hand on his arm. He was tense, but eventually relaxed. 

"Do you feel something?" I asked referring to the sparks that ignited once our skin touched. 

It wasn't until now that I actually took in his appearance. He's wearing dark blue plaid pajama pants, leaving everything above bare. 

His perfectly sculpted body way nearly an inch away, shining in all it's glory. It took all my might to not stare at his body instead of his eyes. 

"Rose-alyn," He started, nearly chocking on my name. 

"I loved Emily. I never doubted our mate bond when she and I we're together. No wolf, not even the strongest, can have a second mate." I subconsciously lowered my hand until it held his hand.                               

I'm not going to lie, If I wasn't so tiered, distracted, and confused right now, I would be freaking out at how awkward it is that we're holding hands. A big scary alpha holding hands, then again, I'm half asleep right now while the other half is confused at how big of a distraction Hunter's abs are. 

"That's not true." A thought suddenly popped into my dazed mind. 

"The Royals would have a back-up mate."

Hunter pushed his hand away from mine. 

"That's right. The Royal family would each have a mate, then a back-up mate in case their true mate ever dies. A wolf can only conceive with their mate, so in case anything ever happens to their mate, the back-up mate would be the substitute." 

"It assured that there would always be a heir to the throne," I finished. 

"But that wouldn't affect us. I am no descendent from a Royal, and even if I was, It still wouldn't work. There's no way you're a Royal."

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