Chapter 5

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CONFUSED? Don't be!

Rose and Hunter are 100% mates. They don't have a second mate. 

BUT! For some odd reason, both Hunter and Rose can have feelings for a specific other. (AKA Emily and Greg.)

HOWEVER! The mating bond between Rose and Hunter is much more stronger then the feelings that both Hunter and Rose have for Emily and Greg. 

Without further ado.. 


 ~ I wanna see you be brave

Chapter 5

 "Welcome everyone," Alpha Hunter's voice hushed all the whispers. 

When Greg has said that he was late, he actually meant we.

Not only we're we stuck at the very end of the crowd, but we also missed Alpha Hunters' opening speech. Though I'm not complaining. 

The less times I have to hear that melodic voice, the better. 

After Hunter's official 'Welcome', my former pack members are all now under the Dark Moon Pack. 

"I don't want any trouble, you all should respect each other along with your higher ranks. Now enjoy the rest of your day."

I thought that was the signal to leave, but it seemed that no-one moved. 

Hunter stepped down from the higher platform he was standing on and walked towards his Beta. 

And like that, everyone dispersed. However, they still didn't leave.

"I thought Hunter said everyone could leave?" I asked Greg. 

Greg gave me a short grin before guiding me out of the crowd. 

"Not exactly. As his first Order as your new alpha, he demands that everyone stay at least thirty minutes to meet the rest of the pack." 

Greg rested his hand on the small of my back. Swiftly, he guided us towards the front joining the Group of top Ranks.

 Once Hunters body came in my vision, I froze. If it wasn't for Greg's hand pushing me forward, I would have been frozen in place. 

Hunter didn't look my way, but I knew by the way his body stiffened that he sensed me. 

"Hey Greg," My new Beta greeted.

"Hey Jaxon." They did their manly handshake, before the Beta's eyes met mine. 

I braced myself foe what was coming next. 

Did Hunter tell him about me? I mean, he's his beta, his best friend. 

"Who's this" The beta's strict voice made me doubt the childish grin on his face.

"This is Rosalyn." 

No explanation added. And thankfully, no questions asked. 

The group went back to joking and just chatting. Even Hunter slipped out a smile from something Jaxon said.



"Rosalyn." The stern voice of Hunter brought me out from my day dream.

"Yes?" I asked politely, hiding how irritated I really was.

"Jaxon asked you a question," Greg explained. 

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