Chapter 23

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Got any good quotes? 

“Why?” I whispered.

“I had to take you.”


Chapter 23

"I'm telling you, their eggs are to die for."

"Who dies for eggs? I mean, chocolate, milk shakes, cookies, or a chocolate cookie crumble milkshake is worth it, but eggs?" 

Jason looked at me like I was crazy before turning back his attention towards the road. 

"Just try the omelet there, if you don't like it, I pay, if you do, you pay." He cheekily smiled at me, parking the car in front of a Denny's.

"Deal," I couldn't help but to smile when I saw his, it's contagious. 

Jason opened the door for me as we entered. The place was quiet empty, although it was pretty late out. 

"Table for two?" The waitress asked, and we nod. 

Leading us to a booth in the back by the glass windows, we take a seat, and the lady hands us two menus. 

"I'll give you two a minute-" 

"Actually," Jason interrupts, his eyes glancing briefly at mine before looking back at the waitress.

"We'll order now. Can I have your original omelet with a side of hash brown and turkey bacon." 

The waitress, who's name tag printed Mandy, nodded politely while writing down Jason's order. 

When she turned to me with a clueless expression, I looked back with just the same face.

"And she'll have the same as me," Jason spoke smoothly. 

Mandy hesitated for a moment before writing it down. 

"Any drinks?" She finally asks after collecting the menu. 

"Someone told me the chocolate cookie crumble milkshake here is amazing, can we get two those please, and that's it." 

"That's a good choice, it'll only be a few minutes." 

"You know it's night time, right? A little to late to be eating eggs," I finally comment when the waitress leaves. 

"Just try them, you'll be regretting ever resisting." 

Jason and I carry on pointless conversations, talking about school, friends, sports, shows, and even relationships. 

"So, you and our Alpha, must be nice?" His expression was sincere but I could hear the hint of sarcasm. 

"Oh so nice, looks like I was matched with the cruelest guy on earth." 

"You think Alpha Hunter is cruel?" 

"Well, maybe not  as much anymore, but don't think I forgot about all that he's done. He's killed many people." 

"Sure, but many people he's known has died as well. I mean aside from all that, he can't be that bad." It was weird to be talking about Hunter so freely. 

Our food came then, but Jason didn't drop the subject.

"If you could choose anyone to be your mate, who would you choose? They must be a werewolf." 

Jason's question really made me think. Who would I choose?   

The first person I thought of was Greg. But not the monstrous Greg who killed all those people and sent me the letters.

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