Chapter 4

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~ They say the end is coming sooner.                                                                                                                    But the end's already here. ~

Chapter 4

You know in those cliche books, where the girl can't be with the guy so they're like, 'My brain says one thing but by heart says another.'

I never understood that. I mean, think about it. Your brain controls everything. It stores up all your memories and controls your will to move. 

Your brain tells your heart to pump blood. So without your brain, your heart is useless.

With all this, I've made a conclusion. 

I had to listen to my brain, because clearly my heart couldn't be trusted. 

Or.. was it my brain that couldn't be trusted? I mean, if people can die because they're brains don't tell their heart to pump then- wait this is off task!

Bottom line is, I knew what I had to do. 

I had to move on. No, not with a partner, but with my life. Although, looking over at a peaceful Greg sleeping on the floor gave me this slight tingling in my stomach. 

Damn, were these what people meant by butterfly's in my stomach?

Despite my insistance that it's his house and she should have the bedr, he still slept on the floor.

Not feeling the slightest bit tired, I sat up on the bed. 

Looking over at the clock, It read 10am. 

Didn't Greg have something important to do early today?

Looking back at Greg, he looked so peaceful. I almost felt guilty for what I did next. 

Gently hopping over his body, I opened the white door that Greg had said to be the bathroom. Walking in I looked for some sort of cup , but came up short. Instead, I took one of the white hand towels and soaked it in water. 

Walking out of the washroom and back to the sleeping Greg, I knelt down close to his body. 

When my hand is about two feet away, I fling the towel from my hand and aim directly for his face. As it made contact, a loud splak was sounded. 

That surly woke him. I do admit, there are many safer ways that I could have woken Greg by, but this is more fun.

Greg abruptly lunged up, and to my surprise, in an attacking stance. 

His eyes blinked rapidly, trying to get familiarized with the bright room. 


I could barely finish one word before I was pushed down to the floor with Greg's entire weight upon me. 

"Gre-Greg! Y-You're Chok-Chok- Choking me!" Greg's large body squished me to the floor making it hard to breath. 

"Rose?" His husky voice asked. His voice was rough from the lack of moisture from sleeping. 

"What are you doing here?" He asked confused.

"Umm.. You kinda let me sleep over.. Remember?

Realization crossed over his face and he finally moved away. 

"Right, sorry. I don't often have visitors sleeping over." As he got up, he reached his hand out for me. 

I took it and thanked him. 

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