17 | Chapter Seventeen

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The Guild Leader.

The vast mahogany interior felt like it could span for miles, with marble pillars towering so high that Macey had to jerk her head back. Large chandeliers hung from the upper pitch room, each other harbouring a large sun crystal that streamed light all across the facility. It didn't feel like a Summoners quarters with such elegance lingering, like the scarlet coloured carpet and gold material draping over the balcony above. If it weren't for the odd Summoner appearing with their beast, or institute students training with their familiar, Macey would have thought she was in the wrong place.

"So unreal isn't it Snow Pea." Her arazel strolled right by her side, letting a small chirp out of her mouth. With Macey's eyes lingering all across the room, they met the ever-changing eyes of Raine, who peered over her shoulder for a brief second before looking forward, continuing to lead the way.

"You've got a fine arazel on your hands," said Raine, making her way up to a flight of stairs with Macey closely following. "I can see she's been well looked after."

Such a compliment put a smile upon Macey's face while she glided her hand across Snow Pea's head. "She's been the best. I mean, once we got over the stubbornness, she became a loyal beast."

Snowpea sniffled, making Macey laugh at her once upon a time stubborn arazel. Such a pain in the ass you were.

Snowpea was a brat, living up to the arazels stubborn reputation quite well. From ripping out flowers out of the local garden to stealing food from the nearby markets. It made Macey want to scream every time she laid her eyes upon the little ball of fur, doubting herself that she'll ever be a Summoner, due to her lack of patience to deal with it. However, an event changed everything, changing not only Macey but Snowpea as well. We became one on that particular day.

"I don't doubt her loyalty for a moment," sighed Raine, stopping in front of a partition door, greeted by another Summoner who waltz past the two of them. "Logan has a soft spot for canines. The Cerberus outside is his."

Macey raised her brow, immediately impressed with this Logan, who was able to obtain a rare creature of darkness. Wow, not even dad could get a Cerberus. But one thing felt off, making her crease her brow together, pinching at her chin suspiciously.

"I've never heard of him before," Macey said bluntly with a small shrug. "If I'm sincere, I haven't even heard of the guild either, only the Paladins guild."

When her reply was only silence, she began to think that she came off somewhat rude, squinting down at Snowpea who let out a low whimper. Macey opened her mouth to say something, but Raine cut her off, hysterically laughing with her head jerking backwards.

"I'm not surprised," laughed Raine, spinning around to face Macey, leaning back on a door with her irises now a light auburn colour. "He's only been appointed guild leader this year. The previous one wasn't as committed as Logan nor did he put in any effort, only using the headquarters as his little play den."

Macey rolled her eyes, then folded her arms across her chest. She couldn't stand the stereotypical summoner, the one who loved to drink during the day while letting the other masteries do all of the work. She could rant the day away, using her very colourful language. But instead, Macey bit her tongue and changed the subject.

"You two sound close," said Macey, tilting her head to the side. A shy smile appeared in the corner of Raines's lip, followed by a silent giggle.

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