Chapter Two

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The car ride with Mike was…awkward. I knew he was going to be tip toeing around me. He didn’t want to bring up Eddy and his new mate. I was curious. Was she worth leaving me for?

I really hoped she was ugly and a huge bitch. But with my luck, I probably wouldn’t get that combo. I'd settle for one of the two.

When Mike finally parked the car, I opened the door to get out but I was stopped.

Mike grabbed my wrist and stopped me before I got out of his car. He was really a man of few words, so stopping me meant it was probably a big deal. “You’re not going to cause a scene, are you?”

I shook my head. “Don’t plan on it.” I hadn't even given it much thought. I was going to try to be a grown up through this thing…well now that I was done feeling sorry for myself.

“Well don’t. This arrangement needs to go smoothly.”

I rolled my eyes. “Then I guess it’s a good thing I hate Eddy’s guts right now.”

He nodded and let me go. “They’re going to be here soon, so I expect you to control yourself.”

Who did he think he is? What made him so special to think that I would do whatever he expected of me? “You should just mind your own business.” I slammed the door and started walking to Nikki.

I felt eyes on me as I walked to Nikki. I tried to act like I didn’t notice. But I knew they had all been gossiping. They all probably knew that I had been depressed. They all probably knew everything about what had happened. It’s not like they would side with me. I wasn’t their alpha’s son’s girlfriend anymore. They didn’t care if I was the one who was screwed in this arrangement.

There was no way that there wasn’t gossiping. Poor little Emily had her heart broken by Eddy. I could already hear the whispers.

“I’ll punch the first person in the face if they ask me how I’m doing.”

Nikki smiled when she saw me, ignoring my threat. “Yay! I was thinking you were going to back out.” She wrapped her arms around me in a tight hug.

“I thought about it.” I sighed. “Are they all going to keep looking at me? I don’t want to be a spectacle.”

She sighed, “You know how they are. Give them some juicy drama and they turn into hyenas.”

We left our bags at one of the tables, then went down to the water. We stuck to our routine. We put our chairs right next to the water and sat there with our feet in the water. Our feet were freezing and our shoulders were burning from the sun. It felt great.

It felt great, until the couple of the century arrived.

Nikki groaned and muttered something I couldn’t hear.

“We can leave if you want.” She offered. I knew that Nikki would always be my best friend, even if she also had to be loyal to her pack.

I shook my head and slathered on more sunscreen. I didn’t want to go home with a sunburn. “It’s okay. Just don’t leave me alone.”

She nodded. “Of course not.” She looked back and waved. “Are you going to wave?” She muttered just loud enough that I would be the only one who heard her.

I gave her a look that meant I hated her. Then without turning back I lifted my hand and gave the happy couple a peace sign.

I wasn’t happy, but my grump werewolf father raised me not to be rude.

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