Chapter Eleven

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Five minutes later I had my handgun in my hand. Luckily for my targets, I decided on lead instead of silver. I didn't want to kill anyone; I just wanted to hurt them. The only way a human could really hurt a werewolf was by shooting them.

I was going to do just that. I was going to show them what the ramifications were for pissing off a pregnant woman who knew how to shoot a gun.

My first two targets were playing pool in the game room when I walked in.

When Nikki saw me with the gun she panicked and instantly started calling Mike through their connection.

Luckily for me, the bonds were sealed during the challenge. Nikki wouldn't have been able to contact him. So she followed, but she didn't get close enough to take the gun from me.

Jason and his buddy Jorge didn't even look at me when I walked in. They were too focused on their game. The side of Jason's face was still a little red from the beating Mikko had laid on him yesterday.

When I shot between their heads, they both froze. I had their full attention.

Jason gulped. He knew why I was there.

"I made Eddy stop, Emily. I wanted nothing to do with it." He slowly put the pool cue down. "Eddy's always been an ass. He's not talking shit anymore."

I kept my gun at my side. Jorge remained frozen with the blue chalk still at the end of his cue.

"I'm sorry Eddy said things about you." Jason said calmly, probably hoping that his calm mood would influence my furious one a little.

"Tell her the truth." Nikki growled. "And don't think of charging for that gun."

Jason's eyes narrowed on Nikki, but it was Jorge who spoke. "She's not even pack and you protect her like she's a part of us." Jason's narrowed eyes turned to Jorge. "Since the pack meeting she went to, everyone has been thinking of her as a whore. Now, she's just fucking Mikko for his rank."

I raised the gun, barely containing my rage. I was well beyond the point of shaking from my nerves. My hand held the gun steadily. I was going to shoot this asshole, I just hadn't decided where yet.

"Pull the trigger." He taunted, putting the cue down. "Give me an excuse to knock that baby out of you."

I needed to hit him in a spot where he wouldn't be moving anytime soon, but I couldn't shoot to kill.

The gun discharged twice in rapid succession. Jorge cried in pain as his knees shattered and fell to the floor.

"You bitch!" He screamed in pain.

Nikki nudged me, so I looked over. She smiled at me. "Good shots."

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