Chapter Twenty-Two

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Albert let me go home two days later, when Mikko's name didn't cause any more contractions. It was a couple of weeks before I even heard from any member of the Madill's... and she wasn't even a Madill, technically, anymore.

I was getting ready for work when the doorbell rang. I didn't worry about it because I had three guards outside my house and two inside. Beside my dad and Nikki, they were the only werewolves I had any contact with. It was like everyone had been ordered to give me some space.

Margaret poked her head in and smiled at my growing belly. It had grown noticeably in the past three weeks. Being thirty weeks pregnant with twins made me feel like I was smuggling a beach ball under my shirt. Nikki, the liar she was, told me it was cute.

Margaret brought her hand from behind her back and handed me a bouquet of white roses. It was a cliché, but they were my favorite flower.

"Thank you." I smiled at the gesture. "These are beautiful. Let's go put these in a vase."

She looked over my attire. "Are you headed out?"

I nodded as I put the flowers in a vase. "Yes, actually. I have the rest of this week, then I'm done."

"Done as in quitting?"

I filled the vase with water. "I can't really work now that I'm getting bigger anyway. And my cover isn't exactly subtle. I think they're getting suspicious about what's going on with the guys anyway."

She hopped onto the counter and sat. "So I know this is awkward, but how are you coping with what Mikko did?"

I froze for a moment. I wasn't okay with it. I was still mad; but mostly hurt.

"I'm...dealing." I offered, even though it was only halfway honest. I wasn't having contractions because of him anymore, so that was improvement.

She fidgeted a bit. "I'm sorry my brother is being such a douche bag. I don't know why he has to be that way with you."

I put the flowers on the middle of the dining table. "Yes, he is. I just don't have the time or energy to waste on him anymore."

"Well you are very pregnant." She smiled down at the belly. "How is everything in that department anyway?"

I happily ran my hand over my belly. "The baby is nice and healthy." It was really hard to edit myself while talking about the babies. I knew that it was important that she didn't know I was having twins. It was important that no one knew I was having twins.

Her smile widened even more. "Can I touch?"

I nodded and took a step forward as she hopped off the counter. She put her hand on the belly and right away received a kick. "This is so amazing."

I smiled down at the growing babies. "Yeah, it is pretty amazing."

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