Chapter Five

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When I was a child I knew that werewolves had the worst track record of having children. They were always so much more thankful for children than humans were. I had never considered that I'd lose my baby before I could give birth to it. It didn't matter that I was already pregnant. It wasn't down to a science, but werewolf pregnancies weren't guaranteed until well into the second trimester. My mom and dad had failed plenty of times before I was born. They had tried again after me, but I never got a sibling.

I brushed my teeth (It was necessary to have a tooth brush in my purse now) and delivered the boxed brownies into the kitchen. No one was there, so I had time to collect myself. I’d have to tell Dad what I now know. He’d want to tell his alpha, which would end up with new rules for me. I sighed and put the boxes away. The only reason I didn’t bake a box was because Margaret’s cake was probably chocolate.

I was definitely craving chocolate today.

I didn’t want to tell Dad here. I'd wait until we got home. He'd make a scene and ruin Margaret's birthday. I didn’t want to take away from her birthday party because I was having some baby daddy drama.

When I went outside, I spotted my dad, so I went and sat next to him. He was alone, looking into the trees that surrounded us.

“What’cha thinking old man?”

He shrugged. “Nothing that matters anymore.”

“Care to share?” I knew what he was thinking about. He always thought about my mom and most of the time it broke my heart. Over time I remembered less and less about her, but I knew that dad would never forget. The only reason I remembered what she looked like was from old pictures. She died a long time ago trying to change into a werewolf.

He shook his head. “You have enough on your plate to worry about me.”

“Well if you don’t tell me I’m just going to bother you more and more until you tell me. No secrets, remember?”

He nodded and took a deep breath. “I just wish you weren’t having to do this by yourself.” I could understand that. But if he knew the other option I was sure that wouldn't make him comfortable either. “I wonder what your mother would think if she were here.”

I looked at the ground for a moment, ordering my thoughts before I said anything. Dad didn’t speak of mom very often. It was usually when he was really sad. “Well, I think she’d look at the whole situation. She’d see that I made a mistake when I was trying to get over Eddy. She’d see that it’s not something I’m proud of, but I’m grown enough to take care of my own… I’m 26 years old dad. I’m not a baby. I’ve been through college. I’m making enough money to take very good care of this baby. I don’t care that I’ll have to do this by myself, but I can’t do this if you’re going to be sulking the whole time.”

He smirked. “So it’s my fault if you’re not enjoying your unplanned pregnancy?” He had a bit of an attitude.

“Yes. It’s unplanned, but it’s happening. If everyone sees that you’re ashamed of me, then that’s how everyone will act towards me.” I made him look me in my eyes by grabbing both sides of his face. Which was quiet the achievement since this werewolf was usually so damn stubborn. “This is my child, your grandchild. You need to get yourself together so I can have someone to lean on if I need it. Like it or not, you’re all I have.”

He looked down and nodded. “Alright. Go back to the party. I’ll be there when I’m ready.”

I stuck my tongue out at him before strolling back to the party like nothing happened. Margaret was at the BBQ with her father-in-law Jerry, giving him the burgers.

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