Chapter Twenty-Three

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Happy holidays everone!


Mikko was gripping the bars at the end of Nikki's bed. These were reinforced beds, built specially for werewolves in an emergency handling them.

"It's not okay." He growled, looking over at me. "How is what happened okay?"

"It's not their fault." I shot back. "You can't even find his guy. How do you expect them to prevent him getting close if you don't even know where he is?"

Mikko shook his head and looked back at Nikki. "What do you think I've been doing this whole time? Running around with friends not doing anything?"

"I didn't figure you had friends. I assumed you would've been running around with one of your many girls."

"I don't have time to run around like that."

I huffed. "You had that time last month."

"And look how things have changed," he muttered as he kept his eyes on Nikki. "What did Marshall tell you? If I still know him, he probably told you to give me a message."

I nodded and rubbed the bandage on my thumb. "He wanted a vial of my blood."

His brows scrunched in confusion. "Marshall can't work magic. He would have no use for your blood if he got close enough to get it. Your scent would suffice."

The witch, I thought. "But witches use magic and blood, right?"

"Christ." Mikko used the word as a curse. "Did he say a name?"

I shook my head. "No." I reached into my jacket pocket, "He said he had your little witch." I pulled out the bag. "He gave me this."

Mikko stared at the finger tip for a few seconds before taking it from me. He opened the bag for a second before closing it again. Anger showed on his features as he examined the severed portion of the finger.

"He has that witch from the restaurant, doesn't he?"

Mikko nodded once with a clenched jaw.

"What can she do with my blood?"

Mikko leaned against the bed and looked at me. I didn't miss his eyes dip down to my swollen belly. He hadn't seen me for three weeks, which meant I grew. "She could throw a weak curse at you. She could possess you for a short time. She could enthrall you to do her bidding." He huffed and put the bagged finger on a small table. "That woman can do a lot of bad with your blood."

"What do I do now?"

"You stay close to me." He crossed his arms over his chest. "I'm sure Albert told you I can't intentionally get close unless you want me to. But no one can protect you like I can."

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