Chapter Twenty-Five

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I shut the door and walked downstairs. The protectors came into the house dazed and confused. They didn't look injured, and they didn't look like they were going to snap. "What's wrong with you guys?"

"I'm not sure." They exchanged confused glances with each other. "What are we doing here? Where's Mikko?"

"Mikko's gone," I said gently. These guys had some kind of amnesia.  "He's been gone for four or five days now. He left you guys in charge."

Again, the confused glances were exchanged. The house rumbled like an earthquake struck. I was quickly carried outside by one of the protectors. The earthquake was extremely frightening and lasted a good fifteen seconds.

When the quake stopped, the confused looks vanished.

"What happened?" the one holding me asked. "My memory from the last fifteen minutes is gone."

"Amnesia," I suggested. "You can put me down now."

He shook his head. "Was that witch here again?"

I nodded. "She was."

His jaw set. "You should have called for us. Mikko's not going to like this."

"She was in my room, dying," I said gently. "I'd guess that when she died your memory came back."

"With the earthquake?" another protector suggested.

I shrugged. "Let's go check out my room. She should still be there."

She was still there. I was pulled back and taken down the hall.

One of the guys came out and confirmed it. She was dead. The witch who had blackmailed Mikko, who had been taken by Marshall, who had been beaten, who had given my children protection, who had given me a spell that could kill anyone I wanted, and who was now dead.

Was that earthquake a result of her death? Why would her death cause it?

"Finn's on his way," the one who held me muttered.

"So I can be put down now, right?" He nodded and put me down. "Can I go to my room?"

"Not yet." He walked down the stairs, coaxing me to go with him. "Come with me while they clean up the room."

"What happened?"

He gave me a small smile. "It doesn't matter right now. You should rest."

I scoffed. "Like that could happen right now." But I cut the guy a break and followed him down to the living room.

The two protectors carried out Clare's body, bundled with the blankets that had been on my bed. It was then that I noticed the pendant was still wrapped around my hand.

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