Chapter Thirty-Two

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I woke up after I had been moved to another bed in the infirmary. I'd probably be stuck here for a few days to make sure my stomach didn't pour open.

I was very limited with my movements. If I felt any pressure or stretching, I would freeze and go back to how I had been. I saw the three bassinets in the room and I really wanted to look at them. The third baby is what I was very curious about. Was it a boy or girl? Was the baby ok? I didn't remember hearing cries. How was the third overlooked?

Jared came into the room with a smile. He wheeled two bassinets over. "The new mama has some hungry babies."

Jared was handing me a baby bundled in a pink blanket. "This is Baby A." Mikko walked into the room holding a second pink bundled baby. "What did you two choose to name Baby A?"

"Angelina," I said as I took the little girl from his hands.

Jared smiled. "I'm sure you know how to breastfeed, so I'll leave you to it. If you have any problems, give me a shout and I'll come back."

Mikko put the second pink bundle in the bassinet Angelina had come out of.

"Do you want me to leave while you feed them?" Mikko asked as he stood to the side.

I shook my head. "I'm going to need you when I finish with each one. I can’t move around just yet." The gown I had on, tied in the front, which made feeding time much easier. "So the third is a girl then?" I asked as I attempted to get Angelina to latch on.

He nodded and looked over the two babies sleeping. "A very strong little girl."

Angelina latched on, so I looked up at Mikko. "What happened after I passed out?"

"They had to suction gunk out of her lungs and she's a full two pounds lighter than her brother and sister." Mikko placed his hand on the third triplet. "She's on precaution for pneumonia and respiratory infections."

I nodded. That meant she inhaled fluid in her first breath. We were lucky that she had survived. "Jared put her on antibiotics, right?"

Mikko nodded. "He wants to do the birth certificates too. He just officially needs their names. Everything else is already filled out."

It took a long time to feed the three babies. I had problems getting Baby C (who I had no idea what her name was going to be) to latch on to feed. She felt so much smaller than her brother and sister. How could I have not known about her? Was there anything I could've done to help her grow?

These were all questions that would have to wait until I could talk to Jared again. But, in the moment, I was bonding with my newborn babies. There was nothing I wouldn't do for my children.

After feeding all three, I was exhausted.

Waking up in Mikko's bed confused me. I looked over to see the three bassinets. I gently sat up to see the three little babies.

I still had a hard time believing that the third one had been hidden in there.

Jared came in with a smile. "Good evening." He looked over the bassinets. "They're probably starting to get hungry again."

"How did we miss the third?"

"She was low and closer to your spine than normal. The ultrasounds never went that deep because I never suspected a third." He adjusted the pillows behind me so I could sit up. "She is fine. Her birth score is closer to her brother's and sister's now."

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