Bonus Chapter

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As you can see, Chapter Thirty-One got the most votes! So here it is, in Mikko's point of view. It's uneditted because I literally just finished it. It shouldn't be too bad.

The name of the sequel will be Changed Fate. It will probably be out late May, early June. Fan me if you want notifications of new stories. 

Mikko POV

I was growing nervous. Emily was due any second. The anxiousness of the pack was overwhelming. Had they known Emily was carrying multiples, there would be no controlling the pack. 

I could sense my father coming well before he showed up. Even though he could contain his influence, the woodland creatures knew when danger was nearby. The scurries and chirps stopped. Even the wind seemed to die down when Finn was near. 

I stayed on the porch, waiting. I didn't want to risk waking Emily. She didn't sleep well enough anymore. 

The gray wolf that was Finn stepped through the tree line and came towards my home. He was completely silent. If I hadn't known he was coming, I might have been surprised. 

"Guest room." I got up and held the door open for him. "Emily's sleeping."

He bobbed his head once before heading to the guest room. The door quietly clicked shut. 

I didn't want him here. There was tension between the two of us, most of which we never dealt well with. 

I went to the living room and chose a chair by the wall. I wasn't trusting enough to give my back to Finn post-wolf. It was no more than ten minutes later did he join me. 

"They're coming soon," the golden eyed Finn said as he sat down in the chair across from me. 

"I am aware."

"Is everything prepared? Aubrina says they may be coming today." His powerful psychic wasn't usually wrong in her predictions.

I couldn't help but smirk at the man. "For someone who hates psychics, you've grown attached to this one."

"For someone who fears loss of loved ones, you've outdone yourself," he shot back. The game was over. 

"Was I supposed to kill her so the children could not gestate?"

Finn smirked. "I was mildly surprised that you didn't."

"You knew I couldn't. You knew the damage from Jess and still you sent me at Emily. You wanted me to be hooked right in because she looks like Jess."

"I was hoping to get my son out of the hole he's been living in since Jess's passing. She wouldn't want you to be like this."

I was angry. How could I not be?

"How I live my life is of no consequence to you."

"You're fraying Mikko. You need to get over this or you're going to lose it."

I felt the anger grow once again. "I'm under control. Forcing me onto Emily is part of your schemes. You wanted this to happen."

I pushed myself of the chair and started to pace. "Jess was a powerful witch, and yet she still succumbed to the change. She couldn't protect herself, though she tried. Emily is human. She's fragile just being that."

"Jess trusted the wrong person and paid the price for it. We all warned her about Clare, she just wouldn't hear it. Jess was a very smart girl, she just made a bad decision. No one thought you'd fall in love with Jess, there's no reason to try to have a relationship with the mother of your children."

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