Chapter Fifteen

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That witch had made Mikko worry. He hadn't left me alone the rest of the day. He kept a close eye on me, making sure I wasn't out of his sight for long periods of time.

Even against my protests, Mikko decided that he was staying with me in my bed.

When I woke up the next morning, he was laying there, in all his shirtless glory, playing Tetris on his phone.

"What time is it?" I groaned during a fantastic morning stretch.

"Ten," he said distracted.

I froze. "Ten?!"

He nodded, eyes still glued to the little screen. "Sure is."

I quickly shot out of bed. "You turned off my alarm!"

He smirked. "Yes I did."

"I need to go help at the alpha's house!" I nearly shouted at him. "You're breaking my tradition!"

"Calm down." He rolled his eyes and put his phone down. "They won't care if the pregnant woman is late."

"But I care." I countered. "I can help just as much as I always have."

"Whatever." He grumbled bringing his phone back up to his face to play again.

I hopped in the shower and made it the quickest shower of my life! I wrapped the towel around myself and twisted the ends together to make the towel stay. I swiveled myself into a sitting position on the counter since I couldn't just climb onto it anymore.

I was picking out my makeup when Mikko came in. He had absolutely nothing on.

"You slept in my bed naked?!" I asked in complete disbelief.

He smirked and stood in front of the mirror, showing everything off. "You act like it's something you've never seen before." He walked up behind me. I kept my eyes locked on him via the mirror until he was close enough behind me that I could feel his body warmth. "You should get used to it. I hate sleeping with clothing on. It feels unnatural."

He was using that damn seductive voice! I rolled my eyes at him. If he thought he could get something out of me this morning, he was way wrong. That was until he started rubbing my lower back. I melted like butter in the microwave when I was given massages.

"I have to get ready." I reluctantly admitted after a few minutes.

Then he completely surprised me. He leaned over me and kissed the right side of my belly before repeating the process on the left side. "Don't fall."

He turned and walked over to the shower, leaving me obviously shocked at what had just happened. That had actually been a wonderful gesture towards his children. That was a side of Mikko I wanted to see more of. That was the Mikko that I wanted to be around my kids as they grew up.

Once I had a little bit of makeup on, I walked out of the bathroom to my closet. I grabbed some of those comfortable jeans that my belly fit into and a cute shirt that Nikki had bought for me. It was light blue with snowflakes 'falling'. There was a little snow angel, signifying the baby. If the pack knew about twins, she would've found one with two snow angels, but regardless, I loved it.

Mikko was dressed and ready by the time I gathered everything I'd need for the day. I loaded my makeup bag and grabbed a nice dress before I hooked the strap of my low heels with my finger.

"Dad, you ready?" I hollered while I shut the door to my room. "We're going to be late."

"Waiting on you." He muttered from the living room. He hadn’t seemed to be in a murky mood when I had woken up this morning. Maybe it was from seeing Mikko again. Dad's last encounter with Mikko probably hadn't gone well. Not after the challenge.

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