Chapter Ten

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I knew the conversation couldn't be avoided, I just didn't want this to turn into the meeting it had been earlier. So I made sure to get Mikko's attention before making my way outside. Nikki knew the plan, so she hung back. She'd come join my walk if Mikko didn't follow me in five minutes.

I barely made it to the trees before I heard Mikko following me. He stomped loud so that I could hear him. I knew that he could probably be just as quiet as Nikki.

"How far are you planning on walking?" He asked after following me for a few more minutes.

"I don't know." I answered. "Far enough that our talk won't become a pack meeting."

It didn't take much for him to catch up with me. "So this is about talking."

I nodded once. "I didn't lure you out here to reenact our meeting." I said with a hint of a joke to it.

He smirked. "And here I'd been hoping..."

We walked for another minute or so without saying anything.

"I shouldn't have let my wolf tell you what it did." At least he sounded a little regretful. "It wasn't appropriate."

"Do you think that's what would happen if said bad guys came for me?" He nodded once. "Then it was good you told me. But I still don't want to leave my home."

"They can visit. The drive isn't so bad."

I shook my head. "That's not the point. I always imagined that this was where I was going to raise my family."

"Plans change." He offered carefully. He seemed to be learning fast how to deal with the hormonal pregnant woman. "I don't want to put you or the babies in danger. Not to mention the rest of the pack. If I knew who would be ballsy enough to come after you, I could set up a few guards. But even they might not be enough. I can't stay here."

"What's so wrong with being here?"

He huffed. "The walls are thin in the alpha’s house. I wouldn't last long without hurting my brother-in-law. I can hear him fucking my sister every night."

I did my best not to show any reaction to that, but it still stung knowing that I had been replaced so easily. Apparently I was just a replaceable spot in some people's lives. I had probably just been the temporary replacement in Mikko's bed that might.

"Do you still have feelings for Eddy?" That question wasn't so well controlled.

"It's not that I have feelings for Eddy in an intimate way anymore." I confessed with a shake of my head. "I just hate feeling like I'm replaceable." I wiped my face when I could feel those dumb tears. It felt like I cried all the time some days. "So now that we're free of distractions and away from everyone else's opinions, we can work this out."

He eyed me carefully before nodding. "I guess this as good a place as any."

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