Chapter Twenty-Eight

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I turned away from the woman and went back into the living room. It wasn't worth a fight. It wasn't worth Nikki getting in a fight. We just needed some distance between us.

After maybe ten minutes, Nikki cleared her throat. I looked over at her, taking a second to glance at Abigail over her shoulder before giving her my complete attention. "Mikko wants to talk to you upstairs." Her smile was weak, but I never expected a smile to be on her face, not when she was as mad as I knew she was.

"Upstairs where? I've never been here before." I wanted to stay here, with the fire, but I knew that wouldn't last very long.

"Finn's office is the set of double doors at the top of the stairs," she said with a frown. "I'm not allowed to go up there with you."

I looked over at the stairs. The woman was standing there, looking like she was minding her own business, but she was listening to us as she stared at her nails. She was waiting for confrontation now that all the witnesses were upstairs.

"Looks like you're not the only one forced to stay down here."

Nikki growled a bit. "I already noticed." She looked over at the blonde. "She's going to get the fight that she wants if she doesn't start minding her own fucking business."

Abigail's head slowly looked up and locked eyes with Nikki.

"Just let it go," I told Nikki. "It's not your concern."

Nikki huffed. "As soon as I'm gone this chick will be all up in your shit, gloating that she's been sleeping with Mikko just to get a rise out of you."

"Damn it Nikki." I wanted to yell at her. "The only one getting a rise out of me would be you. If I say I'm fine and it's not bothering me, then I'm fine and unbothered. He can stick his dick in whatever girl he wants because it all means nothing to him." I looked back at Abigail. "She's no more special than me or the hundreds of other women Mikko has slept with in his lifetime."

I went towards the stairs and went around her. Finding Finn's office wasn't very hard. Finn was leaning on the rail that over looked the foyer. He had been keeping an eye on the first real interaction between the women. Finn opened the door to the office for me and shut it when I was inside, boxing me in alone with Mikko.

"So why have I been summoned up here?" I snapped at him.

"I need you to stay here tonight," he said simply, but I could tell he was agitated.

"Why?" I didn't get mad or offended by his attitude.

"I need one night to get my house together."

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