Chapter Twenty-Nine

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After I filled Nikki in about the lack of change in the baby girl's position, Mikko changed the focus of the conversation completely. "Follow me to my house so you can get settled in before the party."

Nikki and I stared at each other and asked "What party?" simultaneously.

"The pack is coming together to meet you."

"An earlier warning wouldn't have been better?"

He shrugged. "Follow."

Nikki handed Mike their car keys. She was going to ride with me because Mikko was going to take one of the trucks parked outside. The truck was probably his.

Nikki and I were both irritated when we got back in the car to follow him. We didn't say anything, but we both huffed ever so often, thinking about this dumb party. We didn't like parties sprang on us without a good amount of advanced warning. Especially now that it took me so long to get changed and ready.

"I hope he has clean sheets," Nikki muttered as we pulled up.

"Me too, cause I'm not cleaning them." I agreed unhappily.


Mikko's house wasn't as spectacular as Finn's. It was significantly smaller, being that it was just one story. It had the log cabin look and feel just like Finn's had, but that's how most of the places I had seen out here looked. The outside of Mikko's house didn't suggest that there was going to be anything special inside... some of the windows were all boarded up. This place looked abandoned.

I brought in my suitcase while Nikki and Mike brought in some boxes. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the interior of the house didn't look abandoned.

Maybe he really did spend his time cleaning

Mikko was already inside, but he left the doors open for us at least.

"Where do we go?" I asked the other two when we walked in. There was no sign of Mikko.

"This way." I heard Mikko's voice come down from the hallway to the right.

I glanced at Nikki before going towards where I had heard Mikko's voice.

"This place doesn't look as bad as I thought it would." Nikki ran her finger over the sill of the window next to the front door. "The boarded windows suggest someone hasn't been here in a long time."

"But they were here last night." I reminded her.

"I didn't need to have my memory jogged." Nikki started following behind me. "I didn't assume they'd be cleaning."

When I got to the door, I was tired again. "This is exhausting."

"It's not that bad. Your home was more of a walk than this," she said, surprising me by not catching on to what I meant.

I wheeled my bag to the one door that was open. Mikko had one of the boards from the inside of the windows in his hand, but the wall behind him didn't look damaged from a board. It was a pretty nice sized room that, by the lack of any kind of décor, had obviously been a guest room.

"This is it." He held the board as he looked at me. "Later you can set up the nursery."

I nodded and took in the room. There was nothing special about it. It fit the king size bed easily, but that was the only thing in the room. I could probably fit a dresser and a couple bassinets in here easily.

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