Chapter Seventeen

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Mikko came back into the kitchen trailed by a reluctant looking Albert.

"I don't know how good of an idea this is," Albert said with a sigh. "If he even flinches too hard, he could traumatize the belly and cause a spontaneous abortion."

I looked into Mikko's eyes. "If you're not going to be able to control yourself, we shouldn't do this."

He nodded. "It'll go fine. I just need a distraction so I'm not tempted to kill Albert." Mikko stood between my legs. "Make this quick Albert."

The doctor scoffed. "I haven't even found the breaks yet. I need to do some feeling around."

Mikko nodded once before Albert's fingers started feeling the bones in his arm for any breaks. Mikko's amber eyes glared at Albert when he found a separation. "Where else do you hurt?"

"Upper arm, near the shoulder," Mikko grumbled barely understandably.

Albert nodded and started feeling there too. "Two breaks aren't that bad for stopping a car."

"Tell that to my ribs."

Albert smiled and held back a chuckle. "Those will heal on their own." Albert grabbed his arm on the lower portion, at the first break. "Alright, let's do this."

Mikko grumbled unhappily but brought his lips down to mine. In the next five seconds, I heard two sharp snaps that I would never forget the sound of.

Albert quickly backed off when Mikko's face separated from mine to growl at Albert with his even brighter amber eyes. He was going to follow Albert since he looked like fleeing prey. So I grabbed his face and brought my face towards him. I would've preferred to just pull him down to me, but he was giving in to his prey drive.

Instead of following Albert, his attention turned completely to me. His hands went to my hips and pulled me crushingly close to his groin. I quickly realized where this was going when I felt the beginning of his erection.

I pulled away from his mouth. "Not here."

The wolf in Mikko's amber eyes scanned the room. "Right." He moved his hands from my hips to under my thighs. "Hold onto me."

I locked my ankles around his waist and wrapped my arms around his neck. My belly didn't get as much in the way as I had expected it to.

Mikko quickly took me upstairs and locked us in there for a couple of hours. 

I had been sound asleep, exhausted when a banging at the door startled me awake. I pushed myself into my elbows and looked at the door. "Who is that?"

"Finn," Mikko grumbled as I laid back down. "I've been blocking him for the past hour."

I stretched. "Why?"

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