Chapter Twelve

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Picture by SCCourtney!

Mikko was gone when I woke up, and so was the rest of the mess from last night.

Once I made my way downstairs, I finally saw what time it was. The clock in Mikko's guest room had been on the dresser. It was already noon! Starving, I went into the kitchen and stopped when I spotted Eddy as he scoured the cabinets for food.

His head slowly turned towards me.

I looked around the kitchen for anyone. Unfortunately, I was alone with Eddy. I took a slow step back. I knew that Eddy would still have been mad with me.

"You might as well come in. I won't bite." He mumbled pulling out my favorite cereal. He set in on the island. "Well, come on."

I hesitated to walk into the room. "You're still peeved."

He nodded as he got out two bowls and spoons. "I'm more worried about when you tell Mikko what I said. He'll probably knock me around a bit." He jerked his chin to the counter bar. "Sit."

I really didn't want to, but I did. "I haven't told Mikko yet."

He put everything he'd gotten out next to me, but didn’t get too close. "It's not you I'm worried about. My wife will tell her brother what happened." He put milk next to the cereal.

"Doesn't that make you mad?" I carefully asked while reaching for a bowl. I didn't want to make any quick movements around a wolf that wasn't happy with me.

He sat on the stool a space away from me. "Kind of. But I know what I deserve."

I poured my bowl and started eating. "Why did you say what you did?" I really was curious about it.

He shrugged as he stared at his bowl of cereal. "After we broke up, I wasn't expecting you to go out and get pregnant." He looked at me with a small smile. "I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I was jealous. There was a small part of me that still considered you mine and when you replaced me with Mikko it made me a little mad."

I shook my head in disbelief. I pushed the bowl away from me; I lost my appetite disgusted with what I was hearing. "You had no right."

He looked back at his bowl. "I know."

"You left me to get in a good standing with Finn. That was your decision and had nothing to do with me."

He nodded. "I know."

I got up and took my dishes to the sink. "You don't get to feel sad or regretful or even unhappy! You got your mate and you got your favor with Finn. You got everything you ever wanted."

He shook his head as his eye shifted to my bump. "Not everything."

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