Twisted Fate

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Chapter One

No one likes being woken up at seven AM on their day off. Especially not when said person had worked a double shift in a busy emergency room right before falling asleep. But when woken up by a grumpy werewolf for a father, you didn’t give the snippy remark you had readied for whoever woke you.

My father didn't just lightly tap on my door. No. That would be too nice. My lovely father banged on the door like the house was on fire, startling me out of bed. My brain desperately looked for the danger before I realized that it was just my dad giving me his normal wake up call.

"Eddy's car just pulled up!" He yelled loud enough to ensure that I wasn't going to be going back to sleep anytime soon. "He's giving you a couple minutes to get presentable."

I groaned and rolled onto my feet. "Alright." I grumbled. "This better be important." I said to myself as I quickly threw myself together.

Eddy and I might have been dating for three years, but I still wanted to look nice for him. We were at least a few months away from him seeing the monster I could be in the morning.

I didn't have werewolf speed or energy, so it took me five minutes to put my robe on, wash my face, and straighten up my hair. I was dead tired.

When I came out of my room, I couldn't help but smile at what I saw. Eddy was nicely dressed, like he normally was. He had on dark jeans with a button up. He usually didn't have on a shirt underneath, but today he did.  

I really loved that he got along with father so well. Dad didn't have a high ranking in the pack, but he pulled his weight. Eddy was the son of the alpha, he wasn't dominant enough to take the pack from his father, but he was respected for his lineage nonetheless.

They looked to be having a serious conversation, so I hung back a bit to give them privacy. I couldn't hear their conversation because I wasn't a werewolf. Yes, my father was a werewolf, had been well before I was born or conceived, but that didn't make me one.

As far as I knew, it was hard for werewolves to have kids. When they did, they were usually spoiled rotten little brats, just like I was as I grew up. I would have tried to give Eddy kids, but he wasn't ready for that. Plus, he'd have to marry me first.

If I was going to be with Eddy, I was going to try the change into a werewolf. It wasn't guaranteed, but to be with the one I loved forever, it was worth the risk.

Eddy gave me a small smile. One that I had grown to know means bad news. I offered a small smile back. I didn't want to be woken up for bad news, but if Eddy came here this early, then it had to be important.

When my dad sat back down in the couch, I knew they were done talking. Eddy motioned for me to follow him into the backyard. I knew the thin walls weren't going to keep our conversation private from my father's ears.

"There's something I've been meaning to tell you for a while." He let out a nervous breath. "It's not going to be easy."

I nodded once and wrapped my arms around myself. It was chilly, in the morning. "Just say what it is Eddy. It's really early and I'm tired."

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