Chapter Fourteen

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I felt cozy when I walked into the kitchen. Albert had his stethoscope out and ready. I sat down next to him and grabbed the hot cocoa Nikki scooted towards me.

"When is Mikko going to be here?" I asked to anyone that was listening.

Nikki and Albert both shrugged their shoulders. But one of my guardians, this time it was Paul, spoke up. "Tomorrow afternoon." I nodded, taking a sip of the hot cocoa. It tasted like heaven.

Nikki looked surprised. "I didn't think he'd be back so soon. He's only been gone a couple of weeks."

Paul spoke up again, "He's not coming back because he's finished with his job."

Nikki harbored unidentifiable hate towards my guardians. "Then why?" She snapped.

"He doesn't trust me." I interjected. "He thinks I'll put the babies at risk again, so he's coming back to keep his eyes on me."

Albert breathed on the stethoscope to get the chill out of the metal before tucking it under my shirt. We all sat quietly as he listened. His ears would tell him if anything was wrong.

His face scrunched unhappily after a minute or two of his stethoscope roaming my belly. "I think I hear a murmur."

My stomach dropped. "A heart murmur?"

He nodded.

"And it wasn't there before?"

He shook his head. "Not that I've detected." I brought my hands up to cover my mouth as I stared at Nikki. "You need to stay in bed until I check on you tomorrow. You need rest and warmth."

Nikki immediately got her phone out, probably to call her mate. "Bring an overnight bag." She paused as he spoke. Albert smiled, probably at something Mike said. "Of course we're sleeping at Em's tonight." Then she hung up with a huff.

"You don't have to stay here tonight." I offered.

She shook her head. "You heard him." She jerked her chin towards Albert. "You need warmth. Warmth is cuddling up with werewolves."

I sighed and Albert put his stethoscope back in his bag. "It's a good idea." He interjected before I could protest again.

We finished the cocoa then Albert left saying he'd be back tomorrow afternoon. I knew that was because Mikko would want to talk to him about what had happened. There was no point in making repeat trips.

Nikki and I made a makeshift bed in the center of the living room. I fell asleep with three wolves surrounding me. Nikki and my dad were laid out around my sides and Mike used my thighs as a pillow, keeping my legs warm.

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