Chapter Nine

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The next morning I woke up confused. I didn't usually end up in a different place than where I went to sleep.

I was in a bed, nice and warm under blankets. It took me a couple minutes to realize where I was.

When I did, I whipped the blankets off and went for the door. I almost twisted the knob when I noticed I was completely naked.

I let out a surprised squeak before rushing to the dresser. There were clothes my size. I put on the leggings and a shirt a size too big because I didn't want the belly bulge to be really obvious.

Then I continued on my mission. I was going to smack Mikko and hopefully it would leave a mark.

It was morning, probably early morning because the dining room table was full. The pack was still getting ready to start the day. I didn't spot my victim, so he was either asleep, or in the kitchen.

I spotted his shirtless body right next to the stove, waiting for someone else to finish gathering their food. I grabbed the closest thing to me, which happened to be the toaster, yanked the cord from the wall and threw the thing right at his head. I wasn't dead on, but I hit his upper back.

I saw his shoulders move in a sigh as the toaster clattered to the floor. He put his plate on the counter before turning back to me. "That was uncalled for."

I put my hands on my hips. "So was ruining my trip with Nikki."

"We'll talk in private." I reached for the stack of plates, but before I could get them, I was in a restraining grip. "Fine, we'll talk now."

He lifted me off my feet and carried me down the hallway to an unoccupied room. "You're acting like a child."

"Well compared to you I am a child!" I yelled. I was mad, hungry, and hormonal. It was like the evil trinity for my bad behavior.

He rolled his eyes. "I'm not going to stay here two more days because you're acting out. Today the arrangements will be made so I can finally go home."

"Well just go! I sure as hell don't want you here."

He took a deep breath and paused. So I jumped in again.

"How did I even get here?"

"Nikki brought you home because I ordered her to."

"She didn't bring her phone. I would've heard mine go off."

He shrugged. "There are other means of communication within the packs."

I turned on my heel and left him in that room. I had had enough. I grabbed breakfast and joined Nikki's table. She didn't need much sleep and she didn't sleep well in any bed that wasn't hers. We didn't talk about her having to bring me back here because I knew it wasn't really her fault.

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