Chapter Eight

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A/N Picture by Maya_2011 !! This one was almost the cover for the book! Love it!

This chapter's a bit short, sorry!

When I woke up I didn't feel fantastic. I felt tired, like I had gotten no sleep or rest.

I sat up and looked around. It didn't matter that it was dark in the room; I could still tell that I wasn't in my room. It actually looked like one of the many guest rooms in the alpha's house.

Had I fallen asleep? Who had taken me up here? Where was my dad? I needed to get home; I had work in the morning.

"Are you intentionally ignoring me?"

The voice made me jump. My eyes instantly landed on the one who had spooked me. It was Mac—Mikko.

I rolled my eyes. "I was kind of hoping yesterday had just been a horrible dream."

He offered a small smile. "Me too."

"Why am I still here?" I ran my hands over my face in an attempt to wake myself up. The clock beside the bed read ten thirty.

"We still need to do some talking." I rolled my eyes. "We need to reach some kind of agreement about everything before I can leave."

"Are you planning on leaving in the morning?"

His handsome features creased in confusion. "It's well past morning. You slept through everything."

The bedside clock didn't offer AM or PM, so I got out of bed. I pulled the cord for the window covering and was instantly blinded by the sun.

I felt instant panic. I had work today! This morning! I couldn't get fired! I had twins to support! I was instantly scrambling for my phone. It wasn't anywhere on the bed. It wasn't on or in the bedside tables. Where had I left that damn thing?

I ran my hands over my body, feeling for the stupid cell phone as my eyes scanned the room.

"What are you panicking over?" Mac—Mikko asked while playing a game on his phone.

"I need to call my work. I can't just flake out of my job!" I started towards the door.

"I have it." I stopped and turned around on the ball of my foot. He extended his leg and lifted his hip to dig into his pocket. His grimace said he was having some problems with his hand since it hardly fit in the pocket. "I already called them. I told them you were having some serious morning sickness today. They understood and sent you well wishes."

He tossed me my phone. While the iPhone was in the air I had a mini-heart attack. Who throws phones these days? They break. Everyone knows that once the screen is cracked you have to buy a whole new phone!

When I caught it I breathed a sigh of relief. Then I shot a glare to the one who put it in danger.

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