Chapter Eighteen

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I didn't see Mikko until the afternoon of New Year's Eve, making me officially 25 weeks pregnant. I wasn't very happy that he could just vanish for a couple days. The guards said they didn't know where he was. Finn wouldn't tell me. No one was cooperating with me.

I didn't even think it was Mikko who had come through the door. I thought it was Nikki. She usually came over after finishing her work to relax for a few hours. This time would've only made her about an hour or two early.

Which was perfectly reasonable, we were going to get ready for the New Year's Eve party together. I was curling my hair and putting it all into curlers to set.

I was stunned…momentarily. "That, sure as hell, was more than a couple of hours!"

He just gave me a shrug and walked into the room. "So maybe it took me longer than I thought."

"You could have called. You could have let someone tell me where you vanished to!"

He rolled his eyes and stood next to my bed. "It doesn’t matter where I went—"

I knew exactly where Mikko was going with this. It was the only way he went when we got into arguments. "We're not in a relationship, I know your excuses!" I was irate. "Don’t give me that bullshit Mikko. You've been gone for days without any kind of excuse!"

He huffed. "I didn't know I was supposed to give you excuses for where I go."

I narrowed my eyes on him, "I could slap you right now."

He smirked. "I would love to see you try."

"Why did you even come back?" I snapped.

"Your guards need to be with their packs and families today. I don't want to keep them away from their loved ones."

I scoffed. "Since when do you care about anyone but yourself?"

He stared at me, but didn't say anything back.

I turned back to what I was doing. "Why don't you go do something in another room? You're good at leaving, so it shouldn’t be very hard for you."

I watched him leave through my mirror. He kept his eyes on mine and I let him know exactly what I thought of him at the moment. I wanted him far away from me. How many times could he hide behind the fact that we're not in a relationship? Whose fault was it that we weren't?

Mikko kept away from my room, just as I had asked. The men who had been guarding me each said goodbye before leaving. They were all good men and deserved to be with their packs and loved ones.

A while later Nikki came into my room when I was finishing up my hair.

She gave me a confused look as she walked in. "What's Mikko doing here?"

I huffed. "He's decided to give the guards a break to go be with their families tonight."

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