Watty Awards Werewolf Finalist 2012 & one of Wattpad's Most Read Werewolf Stories of 2013! The world of werewolves is changing. All packs are being forced to concede to a more powerful wolf, determined to have peace among the wolves. Emily’s boyfriend of 3 years is forced to take a bride, from another pack, in a political pairing. After one night out, the worst happens. She gets knocked up and had no idea just who her mystery man was.
I don't understand.. Her dad is a werewolf why isn't she one?
Abour ti read this Book for the THIRD time! The first time was while u were updating the second time last year b4 i started the second book and now the THIRD time! I can honestly say this is A Favorite!
I'm glad she can see that straight away. Usually in stories girls don't.
Does anyone even klick on those links??? All I ever see is "go away" comments underneath them.
Girl you ain't missing anything! Any guy with a name Eddy sucks anyway!
I thought it was so funny when I read this ha ha ha ha you sould be embarrassed