Chapter Four

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Dad was ordered to cool it overnight in the basement, so Nikki and I crashed in a guestroom while Mike stayed up with Eddy and the alpha. I didn't want to know what they talked about.

Dad didn't "cool it" for a few weeks after everything happened. He didn't talk to me. He communicated with me through grunts and that was only if I asked him a yes-or-no question.

Mike had been right. The alpha pulled together a pack meeting to discuss my situation. It was the first pack meeting I had been to as an adult. The only reason I was allowed in was because I was the topic of this meeting. I was about 10 weeks along by then, so when they did the math in their heads they knew that Eddy had already mated with Margaret around the time I conceived.

After the humiliating meeting, my dad talked to me for the first time since finding out about the baby. Maybe he talked to me out of pity that I had been humiliated in front of everyone I knew.

I couldn't bring myself to meet the pack at the lake. I figured we all needed a break from each other after what had happened, so Nikki and I had turned it into our weekly girly day. We'd get our hair and nails done instead of facing the pack.

Well that was the plan until I met her at her home when I had just come from my 12 week check up. I had ultrasound photos when I ran in.

I stuttered to a stop when I saw Margaret laughing with Nikki. I was shocked and instantly on guard. I never heard about what she thought about my little situation.

She smiled happily at me. "I hope you don't mind me intruding. When Eddy told me this is what you guys were doing instead of the lake I figured I'd see if I could tag alone with you gals."

I gapped like a fish out of water for a few seconds. She didn't look mad, or angry, or even bothered about all the recent embarrassment that had been going on.

Nikki widened her eyes; I needed to give Margaret an answer.

"I-I-Uh…" I swallowed the ball of cotton stuck in my throat. "Yeah, sure."

Nikki smiled at Margaret. "See I told you she'd be okay with it."

Margaret's head tilted like she was looking at something. "Are those your ultrasounds?" Her eyes widened in delight. "Can I see them? I'm over the moon about everything baby."

I nodded and sat down at the table with them. I just slid the pictures over to her. Nikki tapped my chin, which effectively reminded me to shut my jaw. I hadn't noticed I'd been slack jawed while looking at her.

I collected myself and cleared my throat. "So you're not mad?"

Nikki huffed and rolled her eyes.

Margaret giggled and shook her head, passing the photos to Nikki who cooed at them. "I know Eddy had girlfriends before me and I know that you two were together for a long time. At first I was a little nervous since I had stomped all over your territory." She grabbed my hand and squeezed. "You weren't evil towards me, so how could I be evil to you when you're having a baby? It's not Eddy's so we have no quarrel."

"You're unbelievably cool that I was with Eddy right before you two got together."

She nodded. "I didn't have a choice. This was all prearranged and I had to do what my father said. At first I was scared out of my mind. But now I'm happy with him. Anything he did before was all before he met me. Nothing matters before then."

I just nodded. It still felt a little weird, but eventually everything worked out. She became one of our group. Of course she wasn't around all the time, but when she did show up, it was like she'd always been a part of the pack.

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