Chapter Thirteen

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A cold breeze woke me up. Confused, I opened my eyes to see Mikko leaning against my window frame while looking out the, now open, window.

"Are you really standing naked in front of my window?" I asked teasingly.

I didn't get the smirk I expected. He didn't even look over at me. He had something on his mind.

I sat up, holding the blanket over my chest. My back felt instantly frozen. "What's wrong?"

I reached for his sweater, which I couldn't understand how it was still on the bed after last night. It was still too early to be awake.

I pulled on the sweater as he continued to gaze outside. I ignored the cold when I scooted out of bed. I hesitated for a few seconds before I decided to wrap my arms around his waist. "What's wrong?"

He brought one of his hands down to cover mine. "You realize this is probably the only time that we're going to actually get along, right?"

I laughed lightly. "During and after sex?"

He nodded and stood so he wasn't leaning on the window frame anymore. "Precisely." He unwrapped my arms from his body. "I have to go."

"I thought you were here for me."

"I was." He nodded as he quickly dressed. "And I got what I wanted, didn't I?"

All I could do was stand there in shock. He had been so gentle and caring last night. How could he do such a turn around so quickly?

He looked over the sweater I was wearing. "I want that back."

"I'll bring it to you at the alpha’s." I said as everything settled into my mind. Maybe he really just saw me as a whore.

He shook his head, his cold eyes never leaving mine. "I want it now."

"Are you serious?" I asked in disbelief. "I'm wearing it."

He took two menacing steps toward me. In that moment I could see why everyone feared him. "Take it off before I do it for you."

I stared at him for at least twenty seconds. He was serious! I ripped off the sweater and shoved it into his chest. "Fine, take it asshole!" Leaving me there standing naked and humiliated.

"Don't forget who I am Emily." He took the sweater and tossed it on the bed just before he grabbed me by the chin. "I'm not the guy you met at the club. I was just looking for an easy lay, and I happened to have found you."

"Asshole!" I tried to slap him, but he just blocked it, only making me hurt myself.

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