Chapter Thirty

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Yay! It's Friday and like I promised, here's the next chapter.


Philip waved us out of the horrid nursery. "We should probably go back downstairs. Mikko will probably be in there a while. Abigail has a hard time understanding that a human takes precedence over her."

At the bottom of the stair awaited Finn and his bouncing daughter Madeline. She was very excited about something that she was holding behind her back. It looked like a project board.

"So I'm guessing you're coming from the horrid nursery that Abi was allowed to decorate." I had a feeling, from her tone, that Madeline wasn't a fan of Abigail like everyone else seemed to be.

I smiled. “I hate it.”

Madeline squealed. "I'm so glad you hate it. They should've let me decorate it, but she beat me to asking for it." My hearing had gotten better since I’ve been pregnant, so her high pitch hurt. “I told them they should’ve called you before they let anyone decorate the nursery. Hot pink isn’t a baby color, but they don’t listen to me.”

"Maybe they should've let you have the honors." I conceded. Anything else would've been better than what Abigail did to the poor room.

She nodded once proudly and looked over my shoulder, at her brother. “Told you.”

He rolled his eyes.

I felt a kick and put my hand over the spot. They were getting stronger the longer they were incubating. It really was amazing to feel them moving in me.

Slowly, she put her hand on mine with a smile. "Is the baby moving?"

I nodded and held her hand as I moved it to my belly. I was nervous. Philip moved to my side. "You should let her have some room Maddie. People have been touching her all day."

She grabbed his wrist and brought his hand under hers. “It’s still moving.”

He gave me an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry, my sister doesn’t understand boundaries.”

I smiled, trying to reassure him that it was okay. Once I had enough, they would know. I'd start snapping at them. “It's okay, random people come up and touch my belly a lot, especially now that it’s so huge.”

I grabbed his wrist and moved it to a better spot. He smiled when he felt the baby move.

"That really is pretty cool," he muttered beside me.

"It feels like an alien is trying to burst out of me sometimes." I joked.

"I could only imagine." His smile was still wide when he took his hand back. "That's my first time feeling that."

"That surprises me a little."

His smile dropped off a bit. "Having pregnant women around isn't something that happens often."

Madeline rolled her eyes. "And my brother would never ask to feel a baby bump."

"Well, excuse me for respecting her space," he said defensively.

"Yeah," she put her hands on her hips, "and that's why I'm never going to get more nieces and nephews."

"The timing's not there Mad."

She shook her head. "You're just afraid of women."

"Alright, enough with the back and forth." Mikko came down the stairs. "We need to get back to the party."

Mikko didn't leave me any option when he led me back to the living room and sat me down on the sofa. It wasn't long until a few of the pack members sat down on the surrounding furniture and kept me entertained.

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