Chapter Thirty-One

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Because the last one was boring, and I've been gone a week, I'm uploading TWO chapters today.

:: There is one chapter and an epilogue left!!


I was starting to get anxious as the weeks passed. At thirty-eight weeks pregnant, all I could do was lay around. I was too big to go anywhere. Walking made me uncomfortable. Sitting or laying down for too long made me uncomfortable. I wasn't getting more than a few hours of sleep at any time.

I was ready to be done. I hadn't left Mikko's house since my last appointment with Jared. Lexi would come over, but that was only when Mikko was around, which wasn't often. My discomfort made me snappy, so all I would do is fight with him. It wasn't because I wanted to, I just couldn't stop it. So, he avoided me unless I called for him.

I just felt so alone. Mikko had said he wanted me here so he could protect me, but he left me alone for most of the day. I was positive that there was a wolf somewhere around Mikko's house just watching.

I heard the kitchen door open, so I turned to investigate. No one dangerous would be coming into Mikko's house. I watched Finn walk into the living room. I was disappointed when it wasn't Mikko coming to keep me company.

I offered a small, but fake smile. "Hi Finn."

He returned a smile, but his smile felt authentic. "Hello Emily."

Finn sat down on the recliner, since I was lounging on the couch. I was just too tired to move. "What brings you around?" I asked because I hadn't seen him since I had stayed at his house for a few days.

"I was hoping to have a little chat with you about my son."

I rolled my eyes. "Your son." I shook my head and looked back out the window. "And why would you want to talk about your son with me?"

"I suppose this isn't something you'd want to talk with a father-in-law with." I looked back at him. Did that mean he considered me a daughter? "But you don't know Mikko or why he's behaving the way he is."

With a sigh, I pushed myself up into a more sitting position. "So you're about to also give me excuses for how your son has acted like the world's biggest douche bag."

He smiled. "Perhaps he has. But you deserve to know why."

"Shouldn't Mikko be the one explaining this to me?"

Finn laughed. "Mikko is a complicated being Emily. Usually he has better control over his actions, but in all his life there's only been one time when he's felt so hopelessly out of control."

I kept my eyes on Finn. "And when was that?"

He gave me a weak smile. "When his wife was murdered."

I was completely shocked. Mikko didn't come off as a guy who would even think of getting married or anything else that came along with a relationship. I just sat there, mouth moving as I tried to think of something to say.

Finn's smile grew stronger. "The man that Mikko is now isn't he man that he was back then. He was happy and optimistic. Now he just does what he is responsible for and pays no regard for much of anything else."

I leaned back in the chair, rubbing my belly. "I'd rather have that old Mikko here."

Finn nodded. "I'm hoping that those babies will bring my son back to how he was. For so long he's been against deep personal ties to anyone that he wouldn't even take a girlfriend out of the fear of what could happen to them."

"He doesn't want the life of someone he loves on his conscience." I nodded as I processed this information. "Having children will force him to open up, or he's going to be hated by his kids for being so cold."

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