- Chapter 30 -

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(Things are going to get real soon! Hold onto your butts, cause this is going to be a long, exciting, and crazy chapter!)

-Adam's POV-

I sat meditating in one of the smaller rooms off of the main lobby. I needed to clear my head and focus. After Sensei said we needed to prepare, we needed to clear our heads and try to be one with our minds...? It was a little confusing at first, but I got the hang of it.

Apparently, Zander has mind controlling powers, that were given to him by the leader. At any moment, if we encounter him in close quarters, we needed to be ready and not fall under his control. Sensei had said that if we can block everything out around us, we will be able to maintain control of our minds. It's pretty intense.

I opened my eyes slowly. The room around me was dim, being lit by some white candles. The flames flickered and danced. Some sticks I used to light the candles were still smoking slightly, the tails of the smoke rising and curling around the room. I inhaled deeply and breathed out a slow and steady breath. I needed to focus.

I closed my eyes, and began to meditate.

I imagined my mind like a room, with four walls on each side with a ceiling and a floor. Everything is white. Any black that seeps through needs to stay out. Anytime I saw black appear, I pressed my hand above it and forced it away. Eventually a door appeared, and something or someone was trying to open it. I rested my hand on the handle and locked it. Even dead bolted it. Nothing would get it, not unless I allowed it.

I continued this for five minutes or so, I wasn't counting, and breathed in deeply and exhaled, opening my eyes. I leaned forward and blew out the candles, smoke rising after doing so. I would continue to meditate, but right now, I needed to help the others with preparations.

I walked into the main room, and everyone was at work. Jin was furiously typing on his laptop and Red's laptop, switching back and forth between the two, and working on coding and hacking for the security systems and cameras. Meanwhile, Sensei and Aphmau were working on our disguises, sewing, cutting, occasionally fitting on mannequins, etc. Ross was making a list of materials we would need for the trip, and running around the temple, in an out, trying to find some of the materials. Red was searching through the hotel website, and figuring out which day and time Zander and his cronies would come. He also was working on what room they would have, and their luggage.

Barney was working on our weapons. We had summoned them earlier, and he was at work upgrading, sharpening, and empowering them to their full potential. He had grabbed a few chakra crystals, and a created a casting circle, and was casting enchantments, to make them stronger.(y'all remember that Do Not Laugh! Episode where Barney was summoning the goat God? Lmao that was interesting :3) Max was figuring out a layout and a map of the hotel, the surrounding buildings, and the ventilation, wiring, and pipe works in the hotel and businesses around. He had a whole chart laid out, with geographic tools and devices at the ready. He had another computer pulled up of various pictures of the hotels layout and surrounding areas, and going off as a reference.

"Hey guys, how is it coming in here?" I asked while sitting down and grabbing my phone and pulling up the hotels website. I was going to figure out what companies were going to be in that same hotel, and figure out what each one does. One of them was a banking company, so possible funding for weaponry and soldiers...

A murmur of 'good' and 'doing fine' drifted around the room. Ross ran by for the fifth time carrying supplies towards the organized pile of items we needed. He sorted and dashed off to find more. The only sound was the 'clicking' of keyboards, the scratching of pencil to paper, the snipping and rustling of fabrics, and the muttering (ooh shikarlure buh ooh shikalure. -Barney 2016 summoning a Goat God... - w - ) and 'clanking' of metal and crystals.

I looked around the room one more time. Everyone had a focused look. I looked back to my paper and phone. I needed to focus!

- Ross's POV-

I dashed up the stairs for the thousandth time, looking for any of the items we needed. I had gone from each room, and was checking, double checking, and triple checking to see if there was anything I had over looked. I ran up to the fourth floor and started searching for items.

I opened the first door on my right and looked around. It was dimly lit, with a blue futon in the corner. There was also a wardrobe and a writing desk against the opposite wall. I walked over and opened the wardrobe.

I stopped dead in my tracks at what I saw. My clothes I had changed out of, were clean and folded neatly inside. My shoes were next to them, a spec of dust nowhere to be seen. There was also workout clothes sitting clean and folded too. I looked around to see if anything else was there. My watch and my phone were laying on the next shelf. I picked up my phone and turned it on. The time read the same since we left: 4:36 in the afternoon. The time here though was most likely 9:00 at night!

I thought my clothes were still down in the men's washroom...? Should I check and see if everyone else's clothes are still there? No, no that's just creepy!! I frowned slightly. Then what moved them-?

I was interrupted from my thoughts by a creak in the wood floor. My breathing hitched. I quickly turned to see who was there. Nothing. I looked around the room some more. I didn't like this. Not one bit. I went over to the desk and was about to open the drawers, when the creak and shutting of doors made me jump.

My skin was covered in goosebumps, a chill going down my spine. My breathing was short and quick. I was scared and nervous as to what was in this room with me. I hated being alone for too long. The longest is five minutes. Anything more and I start to panic. This wasn't good...

"H-hello?" I called out. Secretly hoping no one was there. A creak responded back. I flinched. I didn't like this one bit...

I turned back towards the wardrobe and was met with a pair of electric blue eyes starring at me. "Hello~!" The creature whispered.

I let out a blood curdling scream.

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